get up…otherwise your comfort zone will destroy you…

get up…otherwise your comfort zone will destroy you…

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  1. Never forget to take a break sometimes . I just had my first breakdown at 26yo . Ive been in the military and construction since 17 years old, i never took time to think about what i wanted to do but only what i needed to do . 10 years relationship ends because she cheated , sold the house , got to find my own spot , work 40h a week , all this while being sick . I pushed away the feelings and the stress i had because i had to do so . But when things got sorted out , the emotions and stress i had kept inside for so long got the best of me . I decided to take time for my mental health and start living life instead of passing through it .

  2. The comments in this section have both broken my heart and lifted me up. What a fine group of people, all of us either strong from struggle or strong from success but thats how it goes isnt it? All of us will get up. I feel it in my bones.

  3. After losing so much I have very little keeping me going my beautiful fiancee my family her family our friends I promised myself that I wouldnt give up and succumb to my mental health or pain I am a machine and a protector I have the ability to read others and they're feelings it's good to anticipate the future I cant give up

  4. The feeling you have that you need to ''grind'' destroys you. The feeling you have that you are not enough. The feeling that if not most of the people doing worst than you, then you are not doing good. This is sickness. The only thing you really need is to feel ok with who you are. Imagine if everyone suddenly start doing the same thing. Who will feel better and who not? Stop fooling yourself. When you get to the next ''level'', it will be the same thing. Same way a girl with fake boobs will still feel insecure.

  5. Omg I needed this video at the right time, I have come to realize how dangerous our comfortzone is , I think I have seen the darkness enough and now is the right time to on my light again! Love anyone reading this now❤💚 we will all succeed in this journey Amen!!!💚

  6. This one of the videos I really needed to hear my vision is so off balance my comfort zone made me so weak I’m trying hard to restore my faith to get back on track thank you guys for this wonderful video 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  7. Look. See things, feel things, wake up your senses– your mind your soul!!! By choice! Wow– the response to a situation controls you! Indeed, where have I been all my life not to see this…..kinda, sorta controlled. This is heavy, real……I need that space, I do. So I can live "MY" life, my dreams, my decisions.
    The world is working for me, it is. I just didn't see it….I just needed to choose.
    Friends you have outdone yourself…..and opened up another session of thought for me………thank you; bless busy you ……..great work!!!