FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE – Discovering Yourself: Living 'Existentially'

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE – Discovering Yourself: Living 'Existentially'

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In this video we will talk about (Existentialism) and how to find yourself from the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.
Frederick Nietzsche was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, and philologist who is widely known for his unconventional ideas about morality and religion. He was one of the main precursors of existentialism and although his ideas were controversial among the traditional thinkers, he showed people the true nature of life and how individuals can shape their future with independent thought. According to Nietzsche, to be successful means to live life to the fullest, following your own mission in life and your own values. His teachings have shaped the lives of many people; from psychologists to poets, dancers to several successful modern day entrepreneurs.
Nietzsche’s contribution to existentialism was the idea that men must accept that they are part of a material world, regardless of what else might exist. As part of this world, men must live as if there is nothing else beyond life. A failure to live, to take risks, is a failure to realize human potential.

0:00​ From the day we are born
1:19 Existentialism
2:21 The negative effects of group thinking
4:13 Knowing who you truly are
7:22 The concept of Ubermensch

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  1. You want to free yourself read and learn words and apply those words to their actions evrything changes from that point foward you understand this world with knowledge you conquer youre life through wisdom

  2. It's better to lose people than losing yourself, it's painful to know that you no longer know who you are and start questioning your existence and the things that you're capable of.

  3. Self gratification is everywhere in comments on nearly every platform in the world, even this one. Nobody likes to listen to information that states your path in life is a poor collection of decisions and choices made by solely yourself. And personal responsibility in its deepest truest meaning seems impossible to consider as a path. However, stay a slave then.