Food In The Navy

Food In The Navy

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  1. No talking… Wow thanks for that, because im sitting here thinking that I can tell the person to load on the eggs or potatoes.
    Ill be on Sub so food is good to go, so i hear. hah.
    Do you have a facebook?

  2. How possible would it be for someone to be a vegan in the navy? I'm talking fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, pasta. Not picky on organic or completely fresh fruit, just picky that it's vegan. Thoughts?

  3. Haha this is by far the funniest video you made. Oh man I'm glad you know how to cook your own food. It would be the best if you were allowed a George Forman grill.

  4. Shipboard, its called the mess deck, not chow hall. This is where E6 and below eat.  I know, you're still in A school. The Chiefs have a CPO Mess and the Officers eat in the wardroom via the Officers Mess. Food prep, quality varies among each command.  A  carrier, Nimitz etc.,  has quite a large galley and can offer a better variety than some smaller vessels. It really comes down to whoever is in charge of food prep and supervising the galley. I've eaten some excellent meals on smaller destroyers. Overall, I ate pretty well throughout my USN years. Good videos Yoon.

  5. Sorry if this sounds dumb, but what's 'a-school'? Is that the institution where sailors are formally trained for their respect MOSes?