Follow This Advice and You'll Love Your Life – VERY SOON

Follow This Advice and You'll Love Your Life – VERY SOON

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  1. I would like to give a big hug my dear brother! It really gave me positive thoughts which I needed right now. After working 2 years without pay hike, I have resigned from my job, but they begged me to stay and promised best hike in April. But now they are kind a giving signal to me to leave the company. Trusting my management is the big mistake I have done. No one should go through this. Wishing all the best to every one!

  2. The only thing that matters in this world is the only thing you cannot earn. It’s a free gift form a Loving God and it lasts forever. Take a break for a second from striving and chasing things that are only temporary and ask Jesus to show himself in your life and he will show you how to rest in Him. No one knows you better. He made you. He is Truth.

    17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. (Rev 22:17) ❤️

  3. Hi helen this is ahmar Be strong helen i will pray for you you will overcome believe in yourself is the key for your health be patience and you are very brave i have never seen like you who has powerful mind after heard your words????????

  4. Subject: Hints for yourminds.?
    1. I can correct my mind from mistakes and errors, but I can't cure my worries and pains from any treatments. ?‍⚖
    2. I control myself by earning money legally but I can't control my savings that goes on losses and damages. It is beyond my control.
    3. I speak the truth but others speak lies with me and make them to believe. ?‍⚖
    4. I am always honest in my dealings but others act dishonesty with me.
    By this I earn frustrations. ?‍?
    5. People speak very nicely and honestly in my front, but they try to stab me at my back.
    They speak bad about me at my back even I don't have bad attitudes or bad characters.?‍?
    6. Today I am so scared speaking with others, because they find faults on my words and then pain my heart. My useful words hurts them. The reason is that they are not used with positive thoughts. Their way of thinking is entirely different when compared with mine. Their negative feelings doesn't suit with my positive thoughts. ?‍?
    7. If I have bad thoughts, bad feelings, and bad things in my mind, then there will be lots of friends for me. ?‍?
    I have a good heart and a good mind, so that's why I don't have any helpful people with me, even no good friends. ?‍?
    8. I don't like to speak with people staying in a gathering place because each of them will have different types of mentalities which will never suit with my mentality.?‍✈️
    So, what I do is, I say a simple 'hi' and get lost from their end. ?‍?
    9. I prefer much to stay alone without any disturbances by others. There are lots of people who purposely go out of their way to disturb others and pain their hearts and good feelings. Such types of people are freely available in today's world. ?
    10. I like travelling by train, going to the botanical gardens, paying visits to the waterfalls, hearing the melodious sounds of the beautiful birds, receiving fresh air that comes to my body touching the greenery leaves, and at places where I find peace.
    When I think of peace, I want to stay all alone and in a lonely place without keeping in touch with any humans. ?‍♀️
    I never get peace from human nature. These things I say frankly from my experiences. ?‍?
    Have a nice day.
    God bless you. ?
    By: Dawood ✍
    Written on: 20.02.2022