FALL FORWARD – Don’t STOP, Stay BUSY and Keep MOVING with Les Brown

FALL FORWARD – Don’t STOP, Stay BUSY and Keep MOVING with Les Brown

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  1. Mr. Brown, thank you! Every time I want to quit, I come to you and I reevaluate and I change my perspective and keep moving forward. I found you about 5yrs ago and you have changed my life.

  2. Thank you for this motivational speech very true. Don't give up try something else. You walk by Faith not by Sight. We are victorious just believe and do something.

  3. Thank you for this empowering message. I needed to be encouraged, the people in my circle don't see what I see. Oftentimes, I pause and wonder if its possible, then, I click on this message.

  4. Thanks Les, for your motivation.. I created a blog to help people KEEP GOING and stay busy. Most people look down on menial jobs and businesses. But the same menial work is sttarting to look good if you didn't have a financial parachute when you lost your job. I believe in survival. Do something that pays until you can figure it out. Nothing lasts forever. Reinvent yourself!

  5. 4:26 – "When you have goals and dreams, and you're going in a certain direction, it's lonely at the top." Absolutely true. Thanx for sharing – and remembering about that. 😉 Greetins from Brazil!