FAILURE – Best Study Motivation for Success & Students (Most Eye Opening Video)

FAILURE – Best Study Motivation for Success & Students (Most Eye Opening Video)

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  1. Congratulations! Do you remember the first video, guys. I'm saying this to my mind every time: "Failure isn't permanent, falling isn't permanent. You get up right now and this time you are going to be stronger and wiser". Don't let failure stop you! 🙂

  2. "there is no secret for success, it's the result of preparation, hard work and learning from FAILURE." -Collin Powell
    The accuracy! Whenever I'm having an exam and I stress out or start panicking (which is very bad because the part of your brain responsible of resolving problems, reasonning… goes offline, as a result your thinking gets cloudy and you can't work properly), I ask myself "what's the worst that's going to happen?" I will do mistakes and when I'll get my paper back, I will see them and make sure to never do them again! that allows me first of all, to mentally calm down and do the best I can! and second of all, that technique helps a lot, learning from your mistakes, from what led you to failure will allow to do or perform better next time! And keep in mind if it doesn't pay now, it will pay later!

  3. Tomorrow is my exam ..I spoiled my whole time, I was worried that if I failed, what would happen.?…but now I watched your video…your video give me lesson that if I fail in exam …dont worry….just put a statement in my mind "this time this failure give me a lesson and next time after hardwork I am gonna give a lesson to failure?"…

  4. Thank ya very much to publish this video, Failure doesnt exist in the mind, it exists to pushing us through the next level. Me before facing my chemistry exam. thanks a lot!

  5. You may lack motivation for a certain topic because there are some things you may not understand. However, don’t focus on what you can’t do, take a look at what you are capable of. Start off with what you can do and you’ll learn more as you go! Knowing and believing in your own potential can be part of your journey to being successful. If you start to believe in yourself and your potential more, you can become more motivated to prove yourself. When you think you can’t reach your potential, you may not even try.

  6. okay just thanks you. thank you thank you thank you. ive been having tons of breakdowns these days. and im absolutley terrified of failing. i just feel fucking stupid all the time. (im not saying i feel smarter after this video but i am saying that i feel a little bit better) so thank you. for showing me i am okay

  7. I was never good at maths but since YouTube recommended me this channel I studied and studied till I got my first A. I wana thank you for helping me and I wana especially thank to YouTube seems like it has some good parts too

  8. I failed to getting to a highschool (education is different where I live) and the other highschools teach in other languages and I failed to get into an English highschool so now I don't know what to do! :'(

  9. F.A.I.L : First Attempt In Learning by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

    If you are afraid of FAILURE then lemme ask you a question. If you fail then do you have anything that you might lose? "NO".Then you are just UNSTOPPABLE.
    Now just go and study HARD.

  10. After watching it 1year

    I heartily thanks to video.

    This really done something big in my life. And I ? sure if I don't watch this video after my failure I am not at this place ever……
    I am thanking to the creater of this video to resurrect me from the depth of failure…….