FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – Motivational Video on Never Giving Up

FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – Motivational Video on Never Giving Up

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  1. I failed my driver exam for the 4th time because I was nervous and went to the wrong lane and I did everything else right except for that one stupid mistake, i don't know I feel like an idiot usually i tell myself failing is good and not to be sad or angry but i guess i just feel like an idiot, does anyone have any advice?

  2. I failed on the day before yesterday. Because of that, I knew what to do yesterday. I executed my plan and it worked. My failure brought me closer to my success. My desire to be my own man began when I was a little man at 5 YO. After- almost- a half century of failure, I'm about to succeed. I want to be living proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If I could attribute all of my progress to only one thing, that one thing would be to always carry me why with me. My wife is my why. I would not be enough.

  3. I just failed on my final exam and well am going back to try again but to say the truth am afraid because i dont know what will happen .But one thing i wont do is give up no matter how terrified i am i wont give up am going to continue fighting for what i want no matter how many times i fail

  4. Pitched in a game and had so many balls and walks it was awful made me felt like a real failure then heard my teammates talking about switching me out and honestly my confidence dropped real hard and knowing I was the cause of our lost I really wanted to quit and I am really thinking about it

  5. I got C in my college and after that my admission from a university got rejected after that i got into depression and than i got admission in a university i got F in my major subject
    But i am not going to let these things down

  6. Sorry but when you fail everybody laughs at you and I'd rather die than feel that. You say I'm afraid of failing as if its my fault. Um, no sorry, its those fucking assholes who humiliate me who's fault it is

  7. I fail in my first test. I am really afraid to tell my numbers to my relatives. Everyone wants to know my numbers. I am very afraid. I will attempt again this test after few days. InshAllah!
    Remember failure is not an option failure should be an option.

  8. I failed after the preparation of 5 years…I had one aim in life….and I failed…I am left with one more apply 😓

  9. Yesterday i got my 3rd semester exam results in university. As the 1st, 2nds , this results were also worse 💔. Now, after around two months, I am facing for another huge exam. I want to cry . I feel very very pain inside me😭. My friends got nice results, and they are enjoying it. I never used to fail before entering the university. I was a glowing star in my school days. Now, here, I am in the weakest and most pathetic group. I am losing my confidence and can not face to others. They think I am dumb and not hardworking. But, the thing is , I easily fall down mentally and give up my all work. Because of this very poor mentality, I fell down after 1st semester exam and it affected to my all academic progress very very badly. NO one can understand it. The real pain is if you're not used to fail, when it's gonna happen, it is really unbearable 💔💔

  10. I have failed my IELTS exam 9 times then switch to oet then again I failed it 4 times today my results came I again failed. The reason I am watching this video to see if am the only one who's suffering from failures but I don't know what to do now m so down now