Every Young Person Needs To Hear This | Jordan Peterson Motivation

Every Young Person Needs To Hear This | Jordan Peterson Motivation

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  1. Every time i tell my mother im not good enough she tells me I am. Then i tell her im not again.

    But now I will become good enough. Because i don't want to stay half the man I want to be.

  2. Actually something everyone see you in a perfect and as a very strong character, but the fact is that you're not, and the moment you realize the value of yourself is the moment you're going to find the real you.

  3. Live and stay in the present, it's what our heart needs to stay alive. Your intuition is important and your experience is just as important if not more, that balance, of actual hard work and understanding to use your experiences to move forward. Have goals and actually pursue them.

  4. Becoming the best version of you, is an ongoing journey. This man is a national treasure. The ones that speak truth, are sometimes, most despised because they are not afraid of the truth. It’s difficult to hear, but it must be understood.

  5. I haven't seen much sucess in life yet… but as a former athlete I can contest that this is the exact mentality that drove me to achieving a school record. I use to have an obsession with high jump. When I was little I made my own version using Legos and a yard stick. At pratice, I would watch every video of my jumps in slow motion. On one hand it would inspire me, and I couldn't help but feel like I had a super power being able to jump a bar that was the same height as me. On the other hand I couldn't help but notice every little flaw. My arms not going straight up, my head dipping too early, not enough hip drive. This constant feedback and regonizing where there was room for improvement ment that I was getting better every day. In my personal life I had a lot of struggles. Dropped out of school, couldn't get a decent paying job. At first I let it defeat me. But like the videos, once I saw what potential I did have, it started to motivate me. I decided to go back to school and was able to leverage that to get a decent job. Now the next thing I know I'm getting married next month, a new home owner, and after 8 years and 11 semesters I will have an associates and may be pursuing a bachelor's in engineering which is what I initially went to school for.

  6. Wow, what an incredible video! Jordan Peterson's motivational speech is an absolute must-see for every young person out there. His message about taking responsibility for your life, setting goals, and pursuing your dreams is truly inspiring. By emphasizing the importance of hard work, discipline, and self-improvement, he reminds us that success is not a given, but rather something that we have to earn through our own efforts. So if you're feeling lost, stuck, or unmotivated, take a moment to watch this video and let Jordan Peterson's words of wisdom guide you towards a brighter future. You won't regret it!