Escaping the Matrix | A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

Escaping the Matrix | A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

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►SELF-HYPNOSIS AUDIO PROGRAMS: (Reprogram Your Subconscious)


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  1. Is a System we are kept for milenials, is Satan system, but like the Movie many are awaking, the moment you dont play the game the system start fall down, thats why they will push it far this decade, just understand the system and do the opposite, dont see traditional medis news, dont waste your time on Netflix ir Disney plus, dont buy an iphone, help people arround you, dont comment on politics, etc.

  2. Great video to watch. If we are ever going to survive on this planet, we have to learn to quiet our minds and keep our egos in check. Presence is needed. World Ego Awareness Day (WEAD) is on May 11th of this year.

  3. Exceptionally well put together. Appeals to the intellectual pursuits of this question. There's many takes on this, and infinite points to consider it from, but miraculously they all lead to the same conclusion. If you're wondering what that is, keep thinking about the problems brought up by this and other videos, keep thinking about the explainations of the nature of reality you've learned about, and ask yourself, what can I do with this information to save us all? That line of thinking opens quite a lot of doors!

  4. Imagine that humans create a hologram, and the person in the hologram asks the creators of the hologram, "Am I a hologram?" The humans who created the hologram could honestly answer the hologram, "Yes, you are a hologram." Then imagine that the hologram asks the humans, "Are you a hologram?" Then the humans would need to ask the question, "Are we a hologram?" And then if we are a hologram, then the creator of our world hologram could honestly answer, "Yes, you are a hologram." This process could go on forever, with each creator of the nested hologram asking, "Even though I am the creator of a hologram, am I also inside of YET ANOTHER hologram?" Why wouldn't this go on forever? In what state of reality does one hologram stop being either another nested or outer hologram? If this world that we humans are in is a hologram, then it implies that there is a program that is creating the hologram. And in order for that hologram to exist, it would need a creator and programmer of the hologram that we are in. And why isn't that creator of our hologram also in a hologram. The point is, that it seems intuitively unlikely that there are infinite numbers of nested holograms and never any absolute beginning state.

  5. Hi im a 14 year old boy, i have a question, some people say after leaving the matrix you go to fifth dimension, some say it does not exist so could you tell me what it actually means, im really scared will i lose my loved ones can you please tell me im starting to be suicidal because i dont wanna live in the fear, please help me, tell me after i break out of the matrix will my loved one still be with me.

  6. Please kill me, they have been sociopathically attacking me and experimenting on me since birth. I'm 22, my mind and body are rapidly deteriorating after a lifetime of attack. They are doing everything to destroy my memory of what they have done to me in many ways, mostly with sleep deprivation. They are trying to force me to breed before finally letting me die.

  7. He was possibly manipulated into the roll by the same people who literally just now set a dog off (not the same time that woke me). Literally everyone I knew played a part in an advance sociopathic strategy intended to cause immeasurable suffering. Now I recall they slashed his face on occasion and the people behind him were way more directly manipulative. It has been implied it is different secret societies on many separate occasions. I live at 19 lanark street if (dog barking to scare me from honesty) if someone is willing to headshot me I'll leave the door open and do anything to make it easier.