Eric Thomas | You Can't Keep Up with Me (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas | You Can't Keep Up with Me (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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I had a Great Time speaking with the NBA prospects in North Carolina with CP3 (Chris Paul). It was a Great Experience and I …

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  1. I stopped listening to E for a little while. Felt like he was turning out the same thing nothing new. The evolution, the progress he has made. The way he interacts now with the crowd isn't a lost train of thought, its an interaction with true feedback. He is truly dialing in his craft. If you heard E.T. 3 years ago, you really should hear him now. Keep doing what your doing. Can't wait to hear his level in 5 years.

  2. I feel I was led to discover ET. I genuinely appreciate you, your wife, your family and staff. You are definitely living a purpose driven life. I am SO! excited to have the opportunity to continue to watch and hear you and see God's favor in your life.

  3. ET STAY putting it down! He's motivated me to start a business, motivated me through my divorce and becoming a single mom of 3, helped me try to motivated my 16 year old son and helped kick me in the butt when I get lazy, or down on myself.

  4. And now CP3 has a chance to win a championship two years removed from this talk. I’m sure ET’s words impacted him too. This was a powerful speech. Thank you ET! 👊🏽

  5. Real talk, I would hope these young men not putting they eggs in 1 nest (the NBA).. I hope they do have another option (that isn't some family members safety nest) because a lot of them no Gon make the cut

  6. Tell em E! Every video I watch at the end of it ITS GO TIMEEE! Thank you for doing what you are doing. You are changing SOO many life's for providing this content for free. I appreciate you for that.

  7. I’m a pastry chef that’s the tittle that pays my bills an helps my mother an sister and her kids out! I provide custom cakes for all special occasions from my home I customize alcohol bottles I recently for the past year started making infused desserts and meals I’ve been following in ET forever is it blows my mind the people he talks to would sit there I would be in tears clapping, standing up hands held high the whole entire speech I realize a lot of people who you talk to are sports teams, business related but I’m just drawn to you!!! Thank you for putting out so much content

  8. The most important thing about this guy is where he gets oil for his lantern. Flames don’t burn by themselves. ☝🏼

    Without God, this ain’t nothing but hyperbolic riff raff. But the fire is lit and ET is a wonderful guy. Priorities worth admiring.

    God Bless you E.