Eric Thomas | Where is Your Focus (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas | Where is Your Focus (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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Get to know the REAL YOU on a deeper level So you can make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

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  1. READ ME:
    hey bro! UX Advise: Excellent closing, I really tried to click on the link at the screen but I couldn't because it's to low and the reproduction bar doesn't let you. Why don't You change it higher?

    I mean, I'm gonna click the one in the description but you kindda lost my attention when I couldn't.


  2. Hey I'm from Huntsville Alabama Went to UAH I just recently moved to Kentucky because my fiance was diagnosed with breast Cancer … Complete culture shock but ur videos had awaken a beast in my and I Thank ET for that …what's the assesment

  3. You might not see this but I been watching your videos for almost 10+ years . I’ve had more losses then wins. I’ve stayed consistent and true to my path. Through the pain I look to these videos to uplift me. It’s still in a uphill battle but I want to say THANK YOU for keeping me go. I wish one day I can see you in person and I can thank you because I am where I want to be. THANK YOU AGAIN ERIC THOMAS.

  4. First and foremost THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD JESUS ????❤️✨Changing me as a leader, mother, student, nurse, in every aspect of my life everyday !!✨❤️?? and for guiding me to ET!?! Your a life changer in sync with God ✨❤️

  5. I wake up hunting ….twins motto "big body cars silk draws linen suits" ! Period..
    My passion is mor than a 9 to 5 …yea I got a great Job but I want more…I kno deep down this is not enough!
    I detail cars , I love cars , cleaning cars frm dirty to new, its a passion I zone out nd its not about money but wen I see and look at wat comes in after? ..i kno ima b wit millions nd not cus I jus want millions ppl..But I kno I love helping ppl nd putting ppl on…nd know wat im doing its gon help serve ppl …jobs real estate nd education…LETS GO ..WAKE UP EVERYDAY READING YUR GIFT YUR PASSION ND YUR GOALS …

  6. Darryl Jamaca Jay ,From Columbia Maryland this is an amazing word. I heard of this gentleman this am on a spiritual station and this blew my mind …being a teacher,coach ,retired military swat,and just a sports person and man of God he reminds me of my late coach in college and my community recreation ball mentor or coach this blew my mind I can't stop watching …never to old to learn ..thanks ..ET