Eric Thomas | No more Poverty Mindset (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas | No more Poverty Mindset (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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What is the D, the I, the S, the C??? If you don’t know your true self, your strengths, your preferences, and your limitations, you will find change and improving your life almost impossible!

The good news is, you’ve now got the answer to finding the TRUE YOU!
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  1. Eric Thomas your voice has been in my head for over seven years, but I didn’t even know who you were until December of last year. I can’t unplug from your wisdom, memories and words. Thank you so much 💪🏽👊🏽❤️💯

  2. His Words Are Brilliant. You always give me the motivation to keep going in life! I love your videos and I think you are an Amazing Smart Leader!!
    You Change Lives!

  3. You teach like Teachers/ Educators should be teaching. If Educators learn to teach like this no child would be left behind. Eric breaks it down . Blessing to Eric & his entire team. I'm taking notes and I'm going to work this video while I do my homework. I'm ready as Eric says I'm in beast mode.

  4. Your gift will make room for u. I'm living like I'm going somewhere. I'm trail blazing into my purpose. I've realized I've been in my own way and that I have been my own worst enemy. Bump that as Eric says its go time so let me stop watching other's and get it. My Mother use to say get your education your friends will be there when u get it she wasn't lying because some people haven't changed. I'm starting today by renewing my mind and checking in with Christ. Okay I have to go I'll check back with u all in March 2021. I cant accomplished anything by looking at u tube. I suggest you all do the same. Blessing to E.T. and his whole Squad Team.

  5. Things that may improve your life:
    – Believe that we got created & manifest
    – No masturbation & semen retention
    – Drinking 2-4 liters water a day
    – Don't compare yourselves to others, compete with the you from yesterday
    – Don't seek approval or try to impress anyone
    – Cold showers (Even the last 20 seconds of your regular shower)
    – Meditation
    – Not relying on relationships for happiness
    –  Working out
    –  Having a leader mentality
    –  Reading books
    –  Breathing  in from your nose (reminder)
    –  having gratitude
    – Cleaning your room
    –  Taking breaks of social media
    –  Not limiting yourself
    –  Making up your bed (discipline practice)
    –  Quitting/moderating caffeine & sugary drinks
    –  Walking in nature
    –  Making your own money (online)
    –  Having a plan  for things you wanna do
    –  Being aware of what you doing with your valuable time & energy
    Peace, blessings and love to you (make a screenshot if you want to!)

  6. It’s literally not a fucking mindset. People aren’t poor because of their mindsets. What the fuck kind of nonsense is that? Have you heard of heirs and heiresses? What about people that win the lottery? It’s never about mindset at all. What if you’re born mentally retarded, but to a rich family? It’s NEVER about mindset. That would imply that professional actors that are portraying poor characters in plays or films would become poor because they’re changing their mindsets just for the sake of that role. Grow up.