Eric Thomas | Living on Your own Terms (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas | Living on Your own Terms (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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What is the D, the I, the S, the C??? If you don’t know your true self, your strengths, your preferences, and your limitations, you will find change and improving your life almost impossible!

The good news is, you’ve now got the answer to finding the TRUE YOU!
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Extreme Execution Coaching is a program that helps you leverage who you are in your life and career.

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  1. Yes omg ! My partner was listening to him and I got word what he was saying . It fits in my life , ever since he introduced me to him I’ve been listening to him ever since.

  2. Barrack isn’t smooth. U lost me on that. Barrack is the least effective president in American history. Feel badly that I voted for him the first term. Stop jockin a man pushing socialism, merely bcuz he’s blk. I don’t get down wit that. Keep your political beliefs & political heroes to yourself. Bcuz u look a certain way when u get behind radicals like Barrack. Next time I hear it, I’m done w/ the whole ET thing. Word is bond.

  3. Lol you ain’t got no butt that’s why you wear a belt hahaha…you are the absolute best. You motivate me and my children to do better everyday. I see the change in them and myself also. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Mr e.t you have inspired me and pushed me and you don't know me I have a 7-year-old autistic son I have a daddy that broke his brain stems and I take care of him but I have a good wife who holds the house down and I support her and whatever dream that she could ever dream she ain't got one yet but she looking can I run a custom shower and flooring company and you pushed me to where I need to be so thank you I will keep pushing I will push my legacy thank you

  5. Man listen. Eric Thomas is blessed. He has a gift. We all do, he has managed capitalize on it share it with the world and he tryna help us do just that. He is a gift. God bless him.

  6. I found ET a little less than a year ago. I have always listened to motivational videos but I found ET in the season I needed him and could receive his words. Now I listen to him 3 or more times a day and he is changing my life.