ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET – Best Motivational Video For Self-Made Success – MasteryTV

ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET – Best Motivational Video For Self-Made Success – MasteryTV

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ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET! This is how you think like a billionaire. The BEST Motivational Video for Success.
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“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

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Marcus “Elevation” Taylor
YouTube: http://bit.ly/38FUFoS
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  1. Straight hustle mindset and ambition! Wake up early n grind hard . Fuck sleep ,ill sleep when im dead and my kids don’t suffer what there dad had to do and go through to have what he didn’t and also the knowledge that wasnt given

  2. To whoever’s reading this.. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?! Like this up if you know you’re a future millionaire ☝🏽💰🔥 stay grinding kingz & queenz

  3. There might be an economic turmoil but there's no doubt this is still the best time to invest, its time we take full control of our financial independence/freedom.
    Wealthy people don't make other wealthy people rich, they give wealthy people ideas so that the poor can make them rich.

    The average "Joe" can be the next millionaire just off trading, learning the markets and its psychology(The hardest thing in trading) with the right mentor but you got to start somewhere.
    I'm a high six figure earner with just a HS diploma.

  4. Hi! This is Mr Abderrahim…and this has been my passion, my dream and I believe my gift to inspire, motivate and help people reach a new level in their live. To discover their passion. To assist them in living their life to the fullest, to have that incredible inner peace within themselves…then they will have true happiness.

    Life is so short not to live life to the fullest possible. To me I believe that is why we are here to use the gifts we have been given and enjoy our lives, surroundings and people.

    I have overcome and sustained obstacles and circumstances in my life that have made me stronger. I am a huge believer in learn the lesson…find the positive in everything and move on, forward focus.

    Being motivated, positive and the happiest person you can be….takes being in balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Lets all live life to the fullest every day! We will never get these 24 hours back, lets make them INCREDIBLE