Enhance Your Intuition And Creativity With The Silva Method | Vishen

Enhance Your Intuition And Creativity With The Silva Method | Vishen

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This talk, Vishen shares an expanded training based on concepts from his book, The 6 Phase Meditation Method that will help you to tap into your inner intuition to source new information and ideas.

Want to enhance your intuition & creativity? Tap into Alpha, Thetawave & Delta wave frequencies of the human mind to get into states of profound creativity, intuitive guidance, and even to create ‘coincidences’ to move your life forward, Join Vishen’s FREE Masterclass ???? https://go.mindvalley.com/5G_XGiHI

About Vishen Lakhiani
Vishen Lakhiani is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and Founder of Mindvalley: a global education movement with millions of students worldwide. Through Mindvalley, Vishen has spent over 15 years reimagining the human experience and exploring the science of helping humans reach their fullest potential.

Vishen is a certified Silva instructor and credits The Silva Method both as the foundation for his personal growth journey, and for many of his personal breakthroughs. These breakthroughs include writing a book that hit #1 on Amazon for all books globally, creating a $100M company with no VC funding, and developing mental training models used by the world’s top athletes and entrepreneurs.

By publishing The Silva Ultramind System through Mindvalley, Vishen aims to re-introduce The Silva Method to a whole new generation of personal growth students, so more people can harness this remarkable framework to awaken their mind’s fullest abilities.

Vishen also holds a Bsc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and has been invited to speak at companies like Google, Facebook, and even the United Nations.

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  1. ✨During this Meditation i saw Hanuman ji Healing me and Kunfu Panda???????? but in between i saw angle???? in the beginning helping me to unlock????️Something????????????????️???????? but don't know what????????… Really Beautiful experience Thank you for sharing this Method????️????

  2. why are you speaking in an American accent? Your blind ambition is allowing you to deny your authenticity . you are pandering to racists for money …..gross

  3. Hehehe, my female guide was looking very similar to my paternal grandmother and her name was my maternal grandmother's name and my male guide was looking very similar to Keanu Reeves at the age of 40 and well his name was Keanu. ????????

  4. Thank you for helping me renew this very important lesson. Greetings and thanks for all that you have brought closer to a large number of people around the world. May all your personal wishes come true.????☀️

  5. Wow. So amazing. My female guide was all in white clothes and with beautiful blonde hair flowing and the name tinkerbell came to Me. The male guide was so beautiful and all golden with golden eyes and the bane spartan came to me. Love my guides ❤

  6. This is such a dangerous meditation because your deep in a meditive state and suddenly an advertisement comes on. My body went into such spasms and my eyes started twitching. What is this ?