Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

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  1. This will be bigger then our minds evolved through at which we can see more in the drives and optimism of your eyes we created for long centuries now rating ourselves for greaer distributions in workings

  2. I remember someone told me a story about a man on beach yelling out alone asking why? A young boy came to him with a bucket asked man if he could pour all the sand in the world into the bucket? Man of course said no. Boy answers that is because your brain is like this bucket and you can not possibly understand why? Then disappeared with a smile. Then I look at my doggie her face she will never fully understand me yet trusts me and follows me everywhere. This is when I realized I can't ever understand why but to trust n follow Jesus like she does. I stumble horribly on hurt n forgiveness. But everyday I know I must keep going til God says ok she finally earned her wings ?

  3. Looking at the hurricane it goes to show that Mother Earth always has the last word machines washed away focus on the earth instead that's the only control you have

  4. remember me Elon Hofmiester, you and Douglas Manke, Mike Maedved Karen Meadved BoB Hofmiester BoB Hofmiester wife Lillian Peste’s Daughter Don Dietzare Tesla. Hard coded retroactive henceforth.

  5. He's from the future, he stole some information and was hoping we could save the world. but he didn't take enough information back with him to understand it fully. So he's banking on us to put the pieces together. But we are failing because we don't have future smarts. BTW I'm still waiting for my cat girl.. He wants Twitter so he can "pick peoples brains to save the world". I can't see any other reason why else he would want Twitter. He knows what the AI will do to our future, cause he's been there and lived it. Likes on a twit is not important, changing the world is. How dare the FCC for this man from the future to do something he shouldn't have needed to do. He's here to save our future. I don't care about plan "B". I just want to allow him to back the earth better, he seems to know more than we do. I just want him to lift off his face and say " I AM A ROBOT"

  6. He may have knowledge about things but I doubt that he is the inventor. We may know a book inside and out but that doesn't make us the writer (author) of that book! At most he is critic and publisher backer.

  7. Hey let's just be human. Live together and do things that make our life easier. Why do we want to spend billions to visit Mars. We are earthlings. We are already traveling through space. What he wants is to strip minerals from astrial bodies

  8. OOh how the media sells the supervillains as heroes and the minions worship them so fervently…
    Sorry Musketeers, your Free Speech Messiah is Owned by BlackRock/Vanguard. The same Corporate Overlords that own you, the Mighty US Corporation and damn near everything in this reality.
    This propaganda operation is a theatrical affair to lead you to believe… your words are precious and "free"… And save the fledgling TwitterVerse.
    Meanwhile… Lord Musk intends to microchip everyone, for his Overlords to assume complete control.
    Neuralink Corporation = implantable brain–machine interfaces.
    If you want to eat during the Hunger Games, you must OBEY!

    May the odds be ever in your favor

  9. I have been telling my roommate that he has asbergers for a long time. And he always gets mad at me because he thinks that I am insulting him. He felt bad about himself, because he knows that he lives by a different set of rules.
    Like, for example, he never says anything bad about anyone, and also, he gets upset when someone else makes negative remarks about a person.
    Whenever I try to explain to people that he's Asbergers, he always took it as a negative comment. He felt like I was saying that he was stupid. And I repeatedly told him that it doesn't mean that you are stupid, matter of fact it means that you are very smart. What a delight to be able to tell him that he has something in common with the smartest man in the world.