Eckhart Tolle’s Greatest Achievement – MasteryTV –

Eckhart Tolle’s Greatest Achievement – MasteryTV –

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Eckhart shares that his greatest accomplishment in life is that he doesn’t “have to” think anymore and that anyone who achieves this ability has lived a successful life.

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  1. Asking the question of who are you consistently over and over again, I do this and then I ask who wants to know. Who am I ? who wants to know.

  2. The shear simplicity of this message tears down the structure of the human mind that ensnares the lives of the masses. To say that it is brilliant would be an understatement.

  3. It seems there are things I'm not able yet fully understand. I am aware of the ego and pure consciousness and I am able to tap into the presence often (not for a long time, but still). I still have a constant battle in my head. One part of me wants to just be present, enjoy every second of life, feel the energy of everything and live calmly in the mountains in a small house. But the other part of me wants to build something big, earn something (yeah even money – not to be better and more rich than others and build strong ego, but to enjoy some normally unavailable things and secure my family), and be reckognized somehow in this world. If I'm in a fully present state i have tendency to really not care about anything and I have no desire to build something in this world. Yet the state is enjoyable, but the other part of me wants to do these things, not egoisticly, but to achieve and make this world a better place not just for myself, but others. As you type about lose of your sense of identity (name, job etc.) – Somehow I really don't want to do it. I respect my parents and I want to make them proud and honor them and I don't want to lose my identity, my name, all good aspects of my personality and the way I am. Yet I wan't to live fully in present without EGO. When I obtained my college degree it seemed that my parents were more happy about that than me. I want to be happy about my achievements and share the happiness with them but in the present moment it seems I can't do it. So I'm very confused about that and it's a thing I somehow cannot understand yet. I don't know if y'all understand me, but I would be glad if there's somebody who could explain this to me….. As well as a person with a yet small company with few employees I have to sometimes be authoritative. Sometimes I need to use negative motivation and be tougher than normally on them. If I want to build something.. something which the society will benefit from I just need to do it. Everybody knows that and it's a concept which is done for a decades and it's working like that. If i wouldn't do it, my employees (as a normal people) would instantly use me or use it to somehow cheat on the job and thus slow the grow of the thing I want to build. I need to be performance oriented to do my job right. Yet it seems I am not able to do it in pure present state. I am really wondering about how to connect the business focused on performance and the present moment and living without ego. How to work harder than other companies and still be present and without ego. I am really battling with myself and I can't understand it yet.

  4. Thank you for giving me the tools to Quiten the human mind and connect with source. Love Ya Mate🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  5. Eckhart: my greatest achievement is that I can stopt thinking.
    Mooji once said: the highest thing a human been can achieve is a quiet mind.
    What did I learned on school? Getting more and more insane.
    I’m 45 now. My heart slowly starts to shine again and mind is almost willingly surrendering to the stillness.
    Thank you YouTube Guru’s.