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“Your Name Tells You Everything”
►Copyright ©:
Footage licensed through Videoblocks, Artgrid, and Envato.
Script / Narration: Be Inspired
Music: Epidemic Sound / Audiojungle / Envato Elements
Interviews / Video References were used under FAIR USE LAW.
Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Pythagoras
4:00 – Gematria
4:50 – Present
6:43 – Chart of Numbers
7:04 – Synchronicities
10:01 – Each Day has a Different Vibration
10:43 – How to Calculate Your Life Path Number
12:58 – Your Name is No Accident
14:01 – Numerology Chart
15:57 – When Places Resonate With You
17:05 – What do the Numbers Mean?

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  1. Jibber jabber .. things have the significance you give them .. lots of cultural superstition and guff .. for exampl, seeing a black cat cross your path. now was that a good omen or a bad one ?? If you have a bad memory like me then just say it is a positive omen .. there you go job done ?

  2. Been seeing 777 now for weeks came 7th place 7 kills 7 deaths game after row impossible even on a random TV code for my fire stick was 4777 ?

  3. So does a space in the name equal 9 or 0? Also would it be 0-9? And lastly if I decided to go by the Ethiopian calendar which has 28 day per month and 13 months in a year be more accurate because it’s older then the Gregorian calendar which we go by In American? I would naturally want to go by the 2nd calendar listed because it contains my last name but I also want to be as accurate as possible.

  4. So does anyone wanna take a gander (hoooonk!) at mine? My parents were born on the same day but on different months, I was born between their months and a day earlier than them both – until you figure out my birthday day is also the same as theirs on the Sidereal calendar. Got 5 yods on that chart, and, I become a Pisces too. I also found my birthday on the Grand Lodge of England building. I play a song that was written in the year 1717 Les Barricades Mysteriueses. Mysterious obstacles? WTh? Got all these random connections and still can't put it together… Yea, I see a lot of 3:33am! Moses and I have the same birthday too. My birthday also = 33, and, I'm a paternal descendant of Joseph – I found that one with the powers that be, DNA. Had two genetic genealogists ghost me already, and others try to put me down, but the results are what they are. Anyone?

  5. I've been stacking since 2008, and over the years I've watched hundreds of YouTube videos about investing in crypto market… but this is the first time I've seen a Biblical perspective on it. Well Done. Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life and blessings. $14,120.47 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!! True the help of experts Mrs Olivia Baldwin services. ?❤️❤️

  6. ?it already told in India read the vedas science now found that sun is not in one place but in India it already told. airplanes at now but in India vimana means airplanes it already told. so now one can hide the truth truth is always truth ?

  7. OK but I still didn´t got the answer how to decrypt my name to what it really means. The numbers are explained but how to put my name into numbers to understand it´s meaning? :/

  8. The ",merkava" is NOT a Jewish sect. The Merava is a Jewish name for the Chariot that Ezekiel saw. IT was the basis for Jewish mysticism that would eventually become Kabbalah. Get your facts right before you speak of them. And do not rely on the KJV. They got most of the translations from Hebrew to Latin to English wrong.

  9. Lol when you realize the the number of the mark of the Beast is man.. we're made of 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.. that's right! The God of your Bible is saying that man is Evil! Ya'll can thank me later

  10. Wow this is awesome.. some f the things said here are actually happening to me right now.. the number 22 keeps on appearing and it turns out that its also my number too.. danm im also trying to resolve my financial difficulties and boom this video explains it all.. i need to know more

  11. Can i ask something i always seen the repeating numbers most are many and more like 77777777,88888888,1111,9999999,2222,444444,555555555,66666,3333,0000000always?and sonetimes 1212,1010,1313,1111,5050 it repeating?