Dying Son Teaches Dad Life Changing Lesson (Powerful Speech) | Michael Crossland | Goalcast

Dying Son Teaches Dad Life Changing Lesson (Powerful Speech) | Michael Crossland | Goalcast

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“My Son Was Dying In My Arms” Michael Crossland recounts how the toughest of times, changed how he now sees life.

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  2. “I don’t wanna know the chance of my son dying, I wanna know the chance of my son surviving”
    Just maths
    This is a joke calm down this is one of the saddest but inspiring vid ever

  3. You teach us the real meaning of hope.
    To trust our hope and to live our hope. Never give up attitude.
    Michael you have inspired so many lives. I'feel blessed & powerful when I see you on stage sharing your life story.
    Trust me we all are grateful to you bro.
    Keep smiling & inspiring people.
    Love & regards to your family.
    Stay blessed.

  4. I translated this to my dad in Spanish. He’s 70 years old. The video was over and I looked at him, he was crying. He hugged me and said he was sorry for not playing with me when I was a kid.