Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH!) – RETRAIN YOUR MIND

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH!) – RETRAIN YOUR MIND

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Thank you to Tom Bilyeu for providing the amazing interview! Check out his awesome channel here for more: https://www.youtube.com/TomBilyeu

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“We’ve in fact conditioned ourselves to believe all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true — and many of these things are having a negative impact on our health and happiness.”
― Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza, D.C. is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 32 countries on five continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

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  2. Thank you for motivating so many people on this planet with your videos 🌍… i hope one day to help as many people with my YouTube channel ✌🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  3. Joe Dispenza is just another new age quack taking advantage of broken people to make money. He is using the same blueprint for wealth that religious organizations have used for thousands of years. If you believe this guy…I have a few things to sell you.

  4. Change your focus,
    give power to the positive
    and starve the negative.
    We reduce our inner wisdom
    to think with logic that's been
    instilled in us whilst expecting
    miraculous results. Retrain the core
    issue and the pathway will build itself.

  5. I find it very difficult to reset my brain to think positive. Difficult situations force me to think negatively but I’m working hard on thinking better 😀

  6. I am truly present and I want to be able to walk out and drive out with no fear of being shot or some lady calling the police on us. Go back and think on that. Lol. Funny you're speaking to your ppl.

  7. Another cause for lack of seeing a positive outcome is when no one around you sees it. Your family, friends, and associates all inspire you whether you want them to or not.
    You hear all the time "Don't let what others think get to you", but everyone who's ever said that is guilty of it. They tell you not to, because they know that if they could control it; they would choose not to.
    What people actually need to do; is "Understand that you will succeed with or without them". Once you stop relying on their opinions and ideas, you take away any power they had. You still absorb and relate to their thoughts, whether positive or negative, but you don't let those thoughts convince you that they have anything to do with your own future, because you understand that those thoughts don't control your future; they only inspire it.
    Even negative opinions on what you're doing inspire you to succeed; so that you can prove them wrong. I would argue that negative feedback is the most productive, because I believe that we are far more combative creatures than we are harmonious ones. We like to strive for harmony, but most of that drive is fueled by our combative nature making us want to defeat even that nature itself.
    So my bottom line: Be grateful of anyone who supports you, be inspired by those who don't, and always remember that you will find your future with or without them all. Time waits for no one.

  8. Amazing, I wished that I knew these life’s principles earlier in my life…wow, things would have been soooo different. Great motivational speech 👍👍

  9. In ancient Writings they referred to "LIFE (The Real Self)", as The True MIND ! Discover and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between "LIFE (The Real Self)", and the human PRIMATE…. Sadly the human GENOME, Contains DOUBLE LOGIC, which adversely affects ALL human activity, including'THOUGHT' and 'REASON', as well as being the Source of'SUFFERING' and 'DEATH'.

  10. Thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza. Listening to you ignited my receptors. My TAKING ACTION NOW cost me $0 but the VALUE from my Taking Action Now can be WORTH BILLIONS and a HEALTHY LIFE.

  11. vet youre guests better. do you REALLY know who this guy is or who he associates himself with? its some pretty whacked out shit – even by extension i wouldnt give him any airtime

  12. WOW, This is amazing! What an inspiring speech really to do more in life. Nothing comes easy but Now I am INSPIRING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME on my channel. Thank you. 🙏🏻