Dr. Caroline Leaf: "Heal your mind and the rest will follow"

Dr. Caroline Leaf: "Heal your mind and the rest will follow"

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  1. The Holy Spirit began pointing out the changes in my bible to me in 2014, then He caused me to learn as much as I can about this starting in 2016 when I received my first computer and found that there were Brothers and Sisters who also had eyes to see and were making videos DOCUMENTING the changes. Since then I have watched THOUSANDS of these videos and learned a tremendous amount about how this has fulfilled, and is fulfilling many end time prophecies which we ALL had previously misinterpreted not realizing that they were happening right under our noses SUPERNATURALLY! Then He caused me to create the best tool I could for helping others to see this faith strengthening fulfillment of end time prophecy with films showing proof of what God actuall said and pointing out all the prophecies that are happening. Then He caused me to devote the rest of my life doing the best I can to get this truth out while there's still time. Soon Amos 8:12 will be fulfilled and you will no longer be able to see these proofs of God's words, which are the ONLY place you can find His words without the risk of reading some of Satan's mixed in unaware. There are changes on every page of every bible on Earth, and Satan's laughing at all the people that are reading it if they don't know what those changes are! Rat poison is 100% fatal and it's 99.95% corn.

    One of God's commandments that most Christians totally ignore, is to "prove all things".

     In Matthew 7 Jesus said that many will stand at the gate crying Lord, Lord I cast out demons in your name and prophesied in your name, only to hear Him say He never knew them because they did not do the will of His Father. And we were told that those who are saved, are just barely saved, and that His people perish for lack of knowledge. Please start obeying Him right now with this information…..

      God said that in the end days He was going to send a famine for hearing His words in Amos 8:11, and in 2nd Thessalonians 2 He said that the Antichrist would perform lying signs and wonders that would even deceive the very elect if possible. These have both occured, but hardly anybody knows it!

      For eyes to see the most important thing that's happened in two thousand years and receive the greatest strengthening of faith you ever had, simply click on my Lion and Lamb icon ? and watch the films in the playlist marked PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE.

      God bless you all!!!

  2. This video is really good as it confirms that depression and anxiety should be regarded as a normal reaction of the mind and should not be seen as stigma.

  3. Accept nothing but the Blood of Jesus Christ for he paid it all in full. Rapture soon to be calling all us to the clouds to our new home out of times of Jacob's troubles. May God speak to your heart ❤ in times of need to come

  4. Oh my goodness gracious me, just only watched 3 seconds of the video and I was super excited to see Dr Caroline Leaf who is a South African Neuroscientist.

    She honestly changed my life 10 years ago this time when I was 27 years old. She showed a brain of a depressed person and it was black in colour then she showed a healthy brain of a happy person which was green.

    That's when I began my research on the subconscious mind and Neuroplasticity for the brain.

    Thank you so much for the video and I am looking forward to seeing the rest!! ?

  5. I remember when i was depressed and faced with adversity it was like my entire life was falling apart but when I started working on my mind and became better. It didn't matter how many challenges i got i dealt with them calmly.

  6. No consideration at all for social environmental mental health issues and parameters deficiencies, as if it's so easy to deal with it all, change it all ongoing, by ownself. Bubble lives people, especially if one or both of the same professional career life social circles. I used to have one of those type of lives. Do I just wait around until all other bubble lives burst? It would take a serious economical blow to burst the bubble lives of middle classes, and wake all up. Still have the Covid 19 situation ongoing at work about that, alongside with Mother Nature. Add alot more factors of ongoing destructive parasitic greed causes and effects to that, yet the kinds globally behind it all and whys, are most ongoing DESTRUCTIVELY responsible for all increasing environmental climate changes. Social and planetary alignments in ongoing increasingly backfiring causes and effects. Otherwise known as karmic backlashing effects, to try to provoke Zombie wake ups.

  7. How about remove the chemicals also. Flouride, Glyphosate, aluminum, and who knows what else. Until that stuff is removed it may not help. The heavy metals have to go. Why is roundup still being sold? It is the worse. Glyphosate is horrible and should of been banned from the start.

  8. I had to slow her speech down in order to grasp a lot of it. At .75 speed I believe it sounds a lot better you can hear it better and take it in more.

  9. Your subconscious mind is key to good health. It is a habit mind and through repetition of new thoughts, feelings and actions you can reprogram your subconscious mind to have healthy habits for good health and well being in all areas of your life.
    Stay blessed keep smiling. ❤️