DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Eric Thomas) – MasteryTV

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Eric Thomas) – MasteryTV

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DON’T WASTE TIME! There is no right time, there is only the time we have and what we choose to do with it. How are you using your time? One of the BEST Motivational Speeches of all time featuring Eric Thomas. Edited by Motiversity.

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Eric Thomas

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  1. Time is the most valuable thing we can spend. Once it’s gone you can never get it back so don’t waste it! It’s easy to wallow in self-pity when times are tough but we have to be resilient! We all have the capacity to overcome whatever life throws our way. We are stronger than we think and there is no time like the present! How are you going to use your time wisely? Comment down below! 🙏

  2. This is what it’s all about.
    Change doesn’t just happen it takes actions and effort.
    Without that you will stay where you are whether it’s good or bad. It will remain that way until something else happens

  3. Thank you, ET! Thanks to you I recovered from a difficult break-up from a Psychopath woman. I started going at the gym and transformed my life. Now 6 months later I am in the best shape of my life, I am focusing on myself, improving daily, I have a new better job, I have self-confidence and I am happy with my life again. I took back ownership of my life! Thank you!

  4. Dear unknown person 🤝 whoever reads this we don't know each other yet, i wish you all the luck ❤️🎊 you are a blessing to everyone around you, don't loose hope in yourself you can achieve your goals. Always know that someone cares💯

  5. He's right. I have an interview tomorrow for a job I didn't think I'd get until I'm 35. I'm 28. 7 years ago I was sleeping on the floor with roaches. Never thought I'd be going for a litigation role this soon. Great opportunity for my family to become middle class. I found this video at the right time!

  6. Lead with Love…Be…Be Blessed and Know…You are Phenomenal and You don't owe anyone an apology…AAAmen! Christ Jesus in you…Be Phenomenal in Your right now…anyhow!! AAAmen!! God's Love & Blessings! Meditate on the Book of Genesis

  7. I feel like I'm at my rock bottom the only thing keeping me going at the moment is the thought
    "it could be worse" &
    "I want everything I've been working for, I want to prove to everyone I can do this"

    When I'm really at my low point I listen to you.. you have helped me overcome so much already…

    Thank you

    West Midlands, Staffordshire

  8. This was the video I needed today, the reassurance that the grind will be lonely and that path will be hard, but I’m living on borrowed time so I need to make the best of it and show who I really am show that that my seed is resilient and strong