DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL – Study Motivation 2017

DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL – Study Motivation 2017

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This is a motivational video I created in collaboration with Motiversity to motivate you to not be afraid to fail. It is full of powerful motivation for students to keep studying even if they fail a test, fail a class, or fail at anything. Sorry if you’ve seen it already on Motiversity’s channel I’m working on a brand new video for next Sunday!

I hope it inspires you and gets you motivated! Thank you for watching!

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Solo Salinas

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  1. Last time i failed entrance exam
    But now this time i am working harder and i believe in myself i will make it
    3/ 4 month later i will again have to give my entrance
    And i know that this time i will be a scholar because i believe in myself

  2. Just failed 12th Grade, i just left the house and went for a walk. Laying down right now in the middle of no where listening to this, I felt like a failure, as soon as I saw my results I was flabbergasted, my mom was there with me but instead of supporting me she just shove that failure on my face. When I left the house for a walk, I was like I literally need a friend right now, or just someone. Please, it’s not the end of the world. Sitting here right now I’m thinking about how I’ll do next year dont you dare think abt your family’s reaction. Its your life not theirs, we can do this, remember Failure is one of the main pillars of Success. We make mistakes and we learn from them. Goodluck 🙂

  3. I got afraid from my studies…don’t know why it anxiety…Am I going into depression state….plz suggest… I really wanna success in my life…I never feel like this…Hopeless.. Don’t want to work,, study 📚

  4. I really appreciate your support ❤ I hv been so scared of my medical school results…..everyone around me get good grades but I don't I feel so low but today am super powered up I can do as everyone…thanks so much

  5. i fail my math test again this is the 2 nd time i fail a test and but i worked so hard for this one but nothing happened and now i decided to study more hard and prove my math teacher and my classmates that i can do better 🙂

  6. tomorrow will be our qualifying exam and whatever the result, i'll be ready. i told myself that the exam will not degrade my value and worth. I'm ready to fail but I promised myself to succeed no matter what.

  7. I'm doing my final national exam by the end of this year "K.C.S.E" and am really worried about the results for I don't want to fail my Mum because she wants a 'B' from me and I'm trying all that I can But my main problem is in remembering things and sometimes I wonder if I got Amnesia ( I pray not) and at times I feel I won't make it But then there is that feeling deep inside me which keeps on telling me " YOU WILL MAKE IT SO TRUST IN GOD IF YIU CAN'T TRUST IN YOURSELF" and that is what am doing now, I pray all that are trying will make it in life and we satisfy our hunger for success✨

  8. I appreciate this so much! I'm starting school, I'm very scared. This showed me that, it's OK to try and fail. I'ma get those Fs but after I try a few more times, I'll do better!

  9. Hi.. sir I am the topper of the class but I don't know what happened to me from the past 3 years I am consistently failing my exam I don't know why this happens I am my all efforts…
    I am just completely lose inside I think I am just a burden on this earth
    . But this video fill me with new hope I will try again and this time I will not lose definitely 🤞