Do you text ‘LOL’, ‘hahaha’ or 😂 when you’re laughing? – #TechBubble

Do you text ‘LOL’, ‘hahaha’ or 😂 when you’re laughing? – #TechBubble

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  1. I use lol when I am telling/typing something I want to say i found funny. It just goes well in the sentence for me.

    I use hahaha to reply to something while I want to add something else to it. Like if a friend tells me "I got hit by a water balloon". I would reply "hahaha, oddly me too"

    I use emojis when I just wanna reply with a laugh. thats all.

    I use emoticons to some people whom I know been on internet long to understand how classic and awesome that it.

    If something isn't that funny but I still wanna show a smile its an smiley face emoji or just "Ha! Nice"

    I never clap and laugh I never say Ha ha ha or ha.ha.ha. Sorry Boris but that really sounds like a lazy taunting laugh.