DISCIPLINE AND DEDICATION – Powerful Motivational Video

DISCIPLINE AND DEDICATION – Powerful Motivational Video

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DISCIPLINE AND DEDICATION! Powerful New Motivational Video

This is a new motivational video release from MotivationHub spoken by Shayan Wahedi. It’s a brand new original speech exclusively created and released by MotivationHub, hope you enjoy it!

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Speaker: Shayan Wahedi

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  1. If your reading this, you will have great luck in your day!
    I believe in you, work hard, be dedicated and stay confident!

    Love from a small YouTuber showing support to those who need help ♥️

  2. I am disabled. I am going to kill myself. I can not take the pain anymore. The government has hundreds of MP's that said my disabilitys are a burden to everyone. I will not be a burden anymore to anyone.

  3. You can change nothing about the past, but the future is full of endless impossibilities based on the choice of your decisions. Experience proves that another name of something that hurts is the past. You can create a new positive cycle of change by appreciating the role that your history played in shaping the person that you are today. Thanks a lot !

  4. We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, discipline and effort. Apply these to your life and you'll succeed further than you ever dreamed!

  5. After starting my own YouTube channel I needed these videos more than ever to stay motivated. Thank you guys so much!! And everybody check my channel out if you wish to do so ???

  6. The video is great…this creator sure knows how to make them. I believe in all of you watching this. Go made your dreams come true through dedication.
    (Please help me hit 1000 subs by the end of the year)