Did I Make The Right Choice Joining The Navy?

Did I Make The Right Choice Joining The Navy?

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  1. I appreciate this video Yoon! I'm currently studying for my asvab and am nervous/excited to be going through this process. These vids always a big help!

  2. Hey Yoon do you remember when you were able to let ppl know how they can write you letters as far as like the address to boot camp or anything else your family/friends need to know in order to contact you via Letter cause I DEP out November 5th and I want my family & friends to know ahead of time if thats possible but idk the address or how it works

  3. Your positive attitude is basically contagious. I love the videos I've seen so far, you balance providing clear information and sharing your experience very well.

  4. Good video sir. Even though your not happy as a result of being away from your family. You mentioned that your job is exciting. Have you ever thought about retiring in the Navy?

  5. Great video, I just discovered your channel and I really admire your perspective and deep analysis of your navy career thus far. As someone that aspires to join one day, I can speak for many that your vids are very helpful. Well said, I feel like I will have a similar perspective when I join. I don't expect to be happy because I will miss my family but I know that I will be excited. Not only to work but to be progressing and growing as a person. Thanks for the inspo.

  6. thanks alot for your help brother… m thinking of joining the navy and have gained so much confidence watching your vids. my only worry is that i might not pass academically. i hope i make the right decisions. i know i would miss my familly alot but than i look to the bright side and feel happy because the reason m doing all this is for y familly. all your advice have really boosted the confidence in me and hopefully i can get to where your are todat brother. God bless!

  7. Wow, when i first watched this video in October when you uploaded it, I couldn't relate to the feeling and i thought that i wanted to join the navy 100%. Now that I'm going through with the enlistment process, I'm starting to wonder if i'm making the right decision for the next 4,5, or 6 years of my life, so this video is really helpful and made me reflect on my decisions.