Dear Class of 2021 (Your Story Isn’t Over) – MasteryTV

Dear Class of 2021 (Your Story Isn’t Over) – MasteryTV

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Dear Class of 2021. Your Story Isn’t Over! This is just the beginning. This is day one of the rest of your lives.

Big congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2021! You faced some crazy hurdles and difficulties this year but all of your hard work paid off!

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►Speaker: Sam Demma

Sam Demma is an entrepreneur, youth coach, and keynote speaker. He co-founded the volunteer organization PickWaste, created the High Performing Student, delivered two TEDx Talks, and is a Board Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

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Dear Graduating Class of 2021,

When I think about you, what I see, is hope. I see your smile, when you pull down your mask, I see your perseverance everyday showing up to a virtual class – sometimes when you don’t even want to. I see that you wanna change the world and create a more inclusive community — a community where we stand side by side, hand in hand, in unity.

But this year, hope felt really far away. Your bedroom transformed into the classroom, loneliness became the new normal and you went months without hugging or seeing your friends.

Dear Graduating Class of 2021,

This year you might not be having your typical graduation. You might not be walking across a stage and grabbing your diploma. You might not be throwing your hat up or taking pictures with your family and friends.
But, you’re still graduating. Graduating into a world that needs your gifts and talents now more than ever. And your story IS NOT over yet. Your dedication, determination and commitment still remain true.

When the universe said to change the way you learn – you said okay. When the world said keep your distance, you put aside your personal needs for the greater good of humanity. And when you got overwhelmed – you found your people, those who could help you weather this storm.

Dear Graduating Class of 2021, your story is NOT over yet.

Right now you might feel uncertain. You might feel lost and upset but mark these words, COVID-19 will not stand between you and your hopes and dreams…things will improve and as they do you will too.

You see, graduation isn’t defined by a sheet of paper, a stage or a hat. Graduation is defined by your courage. Your courage to move forward in your life. Your courage to take the next step.

So as you approach graduation I encourage you to remember this isn’t the end…it’s the beginning…So, what chapter comes next?

Is it the start of your dream job?
The beginning of another 10 years of education?
The birth of a new idea, company or social movement?
Or the start of a brand new life?

Dear Graduating class of 2021,

This is YOUR beginning. Look ahead, in front of you and see the future you wanna create, and glance back, behind you, knowing that although things didn’t go as planned you’re the only person who can write your future and the pen is resting in your two hands.

Be bold. Be courageous. Be kind to those around you. And never stop putting one foot in front of the other, because your story is not over yet…it’s just beginning.

#Grad2021 #m2s

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  1. Class of 2022, good luck, june the 9th is my first exam, and August 18th will be the day that changes my life (results day) and every day I try to picture what it will feel like to succeed, I'm doing this for myself, I dont want limitations on my destiny.

  2. Love you, bro! it was awesome. I liked the way you talked, your facial expressions were great and so real. I saw hope and courage in your eyes. stay blessed! Ameen. love from Pakistan