Dealing with the Fear of Becoming Old | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Dealing with the Fear of Becoming Old | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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Eckhart explains why we take responsibility for our lives when we take responsibility for the present moment, and what happens to fear in the face of Presence.

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  1. To say that there’s no future because when it arrives it’s the now, would be like saying that there is no car in the distance, because when it arrives it’s right next to you! Ridiculous!!

  2. These questions touch classical buddhist ideas. That suffering is real and innate. Irrational fear of the inevitable only perpetuates that suffering

  3. Coming June I will be 57.
    And I have never been happier.
    Never felt more beautiful then now.
    Living by myself since 12 years.
    Loving myself and my mission.
    I am also a medium and I see spirits and am able to talk to them.
    I can’t wait to go back.
    Have trust people.
    Life is just a illusionary matrix.


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    Matthew Took
    1 minute ago
    I just want to let eckhart know constantly talking about being enlightened to unenlightened people is potentially very harmful to them as it imposes unrealistic expectations on them and ultimately the experiences and reactions that are described are only relevant to enlightened people. When I am enlightened I will dutifully nod my head with the man. Let me explain it is very dangerous believing what this man has to say if you are unenlightened something he never says which is potentially very harmful. Thank you

  5. In my religion (Islam) of you grt to heaven you will be 33 forever. It is God that causes us to age … otherwise the warth would become overpopulated. Life is a test people. Beleive and do good!

  6. Es ist im Grunde genommen nicht die angst vor Dem Altern, sondern vor dem TOD! Gerade in der westlichen Welt, auch in denUSA" hat das ja pathologische Aussmaße genommen, der verzeifelte Versuch, den Tod auszuklammern, tägliches Botox Spritzen, Gesichts Schönheitschirugie (die tiefenpsychologisch gesehen, spirtuell, finde ich sehr interessant, dass Gegenteil bewirken, die Gesichter sehen manchmal, wie unbewegliche Totenamsken aus)
    Nur kurz hier, da man darüber Seitenweise Abhandlungen schreiben könnte und übrigens auch schon geschrieben wurde!

  7. I have been dirt poor, lived on the street, suffered severe depression, lost two wives to cancer, and yet I am optimistic.
    I am 72, live on my own overseas away from my family, life is a journey..and most of the time, it is up to you, how that journey goes. No one knows what is over the next hill, but worry about what might be. They worry about things that may never happen, and usually they don't.
    Life is an adventure and like all adventures, never go as one plans. There are ups and downs along the way. Its how you deal with those ups and downs, that decide how your life goes. You know the old saying..I will cross that bridge when I get to it ? That is the way to think. You can't plan for the unexpected..and life is full of those. Moment by moment, is what life is, not a day, week, month or year from now. Only now is real. The rest is an illusion.

  8. I'm fearful about growing very old because I've seen many time how people's quality of life deteriorates into misery as they grow too old to do the things they once loved…I've seen how time takes it's toll on everything and forgives no one…I've seen the slow decay of time that steals away the joy and purpose we feel as young and able people and it's sad and depressing any way you look at it…there's alot to be said for dying young – for being spared the tragedy of old age.

  9. I don't have a fear of growing old but I do have a fear of growing old and not being able to take care of myself due to disease of the body. As much as I'm enjoying life I believe in assisted dying for those in pain and suffering. After all If the spirit is strong and consciousness is established we should be able to get rid of the body /the outer coat in peace and harmony. I would love to hear Eckhart's views on this topic.

  10. I know that fear and worry will not solve the certainty of aging and death.
    Neither will fear or worry prevent a disease or accident.
    My mind is trying to keep me alive and healthy forever, but that is impossible.
    So, I'm trying to enjoy life in the moment and accept whatever may happen in the future.

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  12. The aging process of a body is natural and is happening jjn this moment, however we are still anxiously denied. Aging is happening everywhere in everything if we look around.