David Icke: "People are waking up to the truth" – MasteryTV

David Icke: "People are waking up to the truth" – MasteryTV

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“Martin Luther King Jr. WAS RIGHT”

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  1. Oh I woke up to the truth alright, years ago- on Who David Icke really is. He's one of 'them' and the truth is out there. I believed this man back in 2016 until I discovered his True History and Origins. To the public he puts on a good show but behind closed doors, it's a whole nother ball game.

  2. Jail is worse than death, and the message is clear that's where they'll put you if you get out of line. They took the children while nobody was looking. And now the boulder is too big and rolling down too fast

  3. Of course he was right that's why he was silenced along with Malcom X. The plantation does not like it when African Americans are on to there deceit and brainwashing.

  4. I m not a conspiracy theorists neither do i deny it… But honestly, when i heard icke's reptilian theory, it sounded too far fetched and i assumed he must have gone crazy… But this speech makes me feel like i m listening to alan watts… Surreal…

  5. Hey YOU, beautiful person reading this…The truth is you are confident and good enough already with who you are, where you are at and what you have right now to have the success you want in life. Don't let others define what “success” is for you. Get up, learn that skill and go after it! I believe in you so much! Have an awesome day! – Love, Nat ❤️

  6. protecting themselves from the physical ramifications of their ways has been a main driver in all of their conspirings & secrecy. a wall of ramifications theyve had dammed up well for centuries. they are in a psychological continuum of being fully secure as the ultimatr controller mafia, and in a way may have even forgotten what those ramifications are were they to get cracks in that dam. and it seems to me, that as of right now, there are serious cracks in that dam.