Crash course for phenomenal success | Marisa Peer

Crash course for phenomenal success | Marisa Peer

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Do you need help with how to deal with depression? Say goodbye to depression and learn how to be happy in Marisa Peer’s FREE masterclass

Today Marisa Peer reveals three things you need to know on how to overcome depression. She has worked with many international celebrities who are very successful. However, one celebrity she worked with who seemed to have it all, struggled with depression.

In this Awesomeness Fest presentation, Marisa informs us that even though this celebrity appeared to be successful, his struggles were not due to his depression. It was his lack of self-confidence that made him depressed. She told him to say the following affirmation to himself every day, “I am enough.”

The next time she saw him, he told her that he was completely content and no longer suffering from depression. It was all because of that one line that she told him to repeat, “I am enough.” Marisa lives by this affirmation. Even her own daughter recites it every day and has become a well-known artist. She claims when you believe you are enough, you beat depression and start building your self confidence.

In this self confidence motivational video, Marisa Peer explains effective ways on how to get rid of fear and focus on your very own self development.

01:01 Three things that you need to know about your brain in order to achieve anything
02:41 Story of a Celebrity that Marisa consulted
12:13 Story of Marisa’s Daughter
20:43 What your mind listens to
25:45 Make Praise familiar and make Criticism unfamiliar
33:20 How to trick your brain in different situation
37:32 Story of getting rid of the fear of flights of a person by tricking her brain
40:42 Recap of the Lessons

Not only does Marisa Peer offer advice on how to develop the skill of self-confidence, but her experience as a therapist, has helped thousands of people overcome traumatic experiences.

Now it’s your turn to turn your life around. Want to beat depression head on? You can do it!

Focus on your personal growth and learn how to be happy in Marisa Peer’s FREE masterclass

Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and celebrity therapist who coaches people on personal growth. She was voted Best Speaker at Awesomeness Fest.

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  1. I love listening to her messages. So most of us come from families that did not meet all our needs. She helps fill up our emotional cup, and helps us untangle the old story and create a much better life!

  2. I am going to send this to my gown don who had a meltdown a few months ago, and is not getting better. He has horrific negative thoughts about himself, snd thinks if things a long time ago that he did wrong (in his mind). His psychiatrist keeps putting him on more meds, but it doesn’t help.
    THIS is the root cause, (besides the head traumas and the biotoxin infection he has)!

  3. Marisa is a genius I think. Articulating what we need to remind ourselves of, something we were born knowing and yet we unlearned it somewhere along the way. We have all been beating ourselves up. She is 1000 percent right about magazine sales; I stopped buying them years ago and would not let my daughters look at them because I knew how they mangled our brains. My daughters have great perceptions and attitudes about their figures.
    Years ago I had a lovely client who was working hard in the gym but was still very unhappy with her figure. She thought she needed to work out more, or harder, but she was really only self-sabotaging with her diet. She could not lose any more body fat. She had reached a plateau. I was her personal trainer. While chatting about the weekend coming up, the topic came around to food and drink. She commented to me that she felt she deserved to reward herself with cookies, Chips A’hoy, and lots of wine, for all of her hard gym work. I was mulling over what she’d said, when she asked me how I kept my figure, even after two kids and a difficult schedule as a single mom. I thought about it. I looked at her and said that, after I worked really hard in the gym all week, I felt I deserved to reward myself by fitting into my favorite jeans or wearing a pretty bikini at the beach. I told her my reward was looking and feeling my best. Her jaw dropped and she said she’d never thought about it that way before. She started thinking differently about herself. The bonus was she realized she didn’t have to work as hard in the gym, she had more success with her eating habits and helped herself achieve more of what she desired with her figure. It is amazing what happens when we make the unfamiliar become familiar to our brains. I need to remind myself this more so that I can try new things that have seemed scary to tackle. We all need these simple yet precious reminders that we truly are enough. Lots of love and success to everyone

  4. I don’t know who’s or really hear this but if you really want to generate wealth, start small and with the little that you have, and invest it into stocks bitcoin and other crypto currencies I’m a living testimony from this.

  5. She has quite the body goi………ok that's off topic and superficial beauty is just superficial. I need to watch all of her videos over and over again. One time is not enough. I also need to do affirmations beyond my 3 day record.