Confused about Inner Resistance?

Confused about Inner Resistance?

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Guidance in trusting the deeper self and the wisdom it emanates.


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  1. She has quite an ego for an enlightened person. Imagine Eckhart saying " I KNOW that I have a powerful effect on anyone I come in contact with" I'm confused but I thought true enlightenment made you humble and the ego completely dissolved. Am I wrong? (Maybe I am)

  2. This is truly a blessing. There is a space for learning and growing, doing and showing. The more I practice being calm, quite and circumspect, the more I feel at peace. Peace to all who read this words.

  3. As others have pointed out, this woman is still attached to ego. Her ego has just manifested itself in "spiritual practice" as opposed to some other form like money or status. An awakened being would not boast about how awakened they are. Because that wouldn't make any sense. It would be like a person boasting about how good they are at making their heart beat. All beings are already enlightened and they don't have to "do" anything to become so. So therefore there is no reason to take pride in something they did not "do" or have any control over.

  4. The awakening process can be very challenging, when you’ve been unconscious most of your life. I’m just glad that I’m aware of it, and now it’s time to work on truly being present.😌

  5. If you are "in the Source", you are not going to be confused about it. She sounds like she's talking about inner conflict – careful to be look like a teacher when she could just be honest.

  6. People reacting negatively to this woman need to look at their own egos. I think Eckhart just confirmed she's doing just fine. Having confidence is not a lack of spirit.

  7. First of all, learn to shut up and not talk too much, maybe try to listen more and maybe you will notice something profound within you, Ms. Loudlady!

  8. This nice lady is allowing her mind alone to block her . Ignore that Bish. You’re flowing . You’re always flowing until you believe your mind

  9. Maybe it's your mind that is creating these problems he suggests to the lady. Eckhart nails it but as usual he does it in such a gentle way.

    I found the video useful partly because I could watch for any negative feelings that were coming up in me about this lady. 🙂