COME ON KID, THIS IS YOUR DREAM – Motivation for Back to School

COME ON KID, THIS IS YOUR DREAM – Motivation for Back to School

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  1. Come on kid, this is YOUR DREAM! This video is for anyone doubting themselves, wishing, wondering or procrastinating. This is your time to step up and show the world who you really are. To show them what you can do. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Thanks for watching! Make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications to join us for our new videos every week!?

  2. I will have millions of fans, and millions of dollars. I will b back here when I do? listening to this every morning when I wake up starting tomorrow may 6 2022. “Never give up. Because this is your life, this is your dream”

  3. I come here every single day to remind my self that I am proud being me. To all the kids out there feeling depressed this video is gonna help you feel better.

  4. My dream is to get into medical school but my GPA dropped way below.I am a scholarship student and I need my grades to keep my Scholarship too, Life is hard for me and I am far away from home. I am In my first year and I know there are still more chances but I get scared I won't be able to reach my dream.please,wish me well.

  5. Being a doctor is my goal , you'll see how i'm going to achieve this .
    In one year and a half, i'm gonna get science orientation, they will see .

  6. Thank you because of this i am studying harder then i have ever studied before i have a test tomorrow but i think i am ready to take action and do the impossible by getting a good grade after 8 years of studying turns out all i needed to do is work hard. It's hard but i know it will be worth it. To all the students out there you may fail but that doesn't mean you should give up keep on going you can do this think of the results and your future don't give up!

  7. I wanna be the first kid in my family to have my undergraduate or bachelors in Yale university and major in law ….God be my strength, the road I'm moving on isn't easy for me but I move with determination and endurance… I WILL SURELY MAKE IT

  8. im a homeschooler and I use a curriculum where I don't need my parents to help me they are basically workbooks and for reasons I won't talk about I'm MONTHS behind I should be in ninth grade rn but I'm still in eighth. I find it super hard to be motivated cuz my mom is ALWAYS at work and today I grabbed my school books and started almost crying lol. that's why I'm here. why are you here?