Chinese Master: “Your Big Toe Tells a lot About Your Health” – MasteryTV

Chinese Master: “Your Big Toe Tells a lot About Your Health” – MasteryTV

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►Special Thanks to Master Mu Yuchun for sharing this valuable information.
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►Special Thanks to Sadhguru for sharing this valuable information.
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  1. The spine and all the joints have to be free so energy can flow through you need to clean your digestive system so you can stretch to your full potential thats really the key to life

  2. What if you had an injury at a young age in life… ?

    At 17yrs.old I had a lawnmower accident and had to have it reattached by an Orthopedic Surgeon , he used a plastic prosthetic material to splice the toe to the base of my foot . At 64yrs.old , through the years has developed a rough thick texture exactly at the location to be massaged… How will this affect the desired result ?

  3. Scared me because I have got stomach acid issue possibly a ulcer and I got a random pain in my big toe and came out this really deep rooted scar out of no were I can’t help thing it’s a warning sign of something underlying

  4. My left big toe goes numb sometimes more than the other I noticed it happens more when I'm dehydrated out in the sun I think this is the cause of it it's like a sponge being ringed out trained of all it's water

  5. I broke my toes, my big toe and the 2 adjacent. I cannot massage that big toe it hurts too badly and I run on it every day. As a runner I have not given it a chance to heal. But now it looks like I have fat little toes all the times are so swollen. I wish there were something I could do to heal them.

  6. How can you leave the past behind when someone you have done wrong still carries it,
    Think about it how… how could you meditate to clear your mind when if someone you wronged still carried the pain you caused??
    Don't listen to this, correct your wrongs first… Then you can sit in silence because the voices have been reasoned with, piece only come when you chase it, not when you sit on ya ass, in ya own head trying to make YOU FEEL BETTER… your depressed because your selfish and only care about ya own head, correct your wrongs and you won't have to sit in a room with ya legs crossed trying to free yourselve without facing your demons,

  7. Sometimes I take some of the things that are taught in Chinese medicine with a grain of salt only because I'm convinced that there are some things that are just totally bogus I'm not so sure that massaging your toe is going to affect an ongoing case of Alzheimer's or dementia when we know that a lot of what exacerbates these malodies are extremely high blood sugars and things called glycations so I guess it can't hurt to rub your toe but I don't know

  8. Just get a heavy loose leather belt, fold it and hit the face of the feet 100 times, hit the back of the feet another 100 times until they become red for that toe and brain business. And experience yourself the improvements. If you want to keep healthy really than you can hit your back, chest, whole leg, buttocks, arm pits, whole hands, around and on the genitals pits, head, neck, chicks, chin etc. You must use both hands also apart from the belt. Use also a 14 inch long, 1/4 inch thick, 1 inch wide wooden or bamboo stick. You do not have to hit the whole body in a go. Just hit one leg or one hand or back or chest- stomach, head-neck at least 15 minutes any time in a day. If you are old and suffering from gouts such as on finger and toe joints or knee caps and ankles you must slap hard 100 times on them. The the troubling acid residuals drains away and the gouts will go away. Any person worried about wrinkles on the face or on skin hit like as my instruction your looks restores back. You can share this my comment and let benefit every one. Ok.