CHASE YOUR DREAMS – New Motivational Video Compilation 2020

CHASE YOUR DREAMS – New Motivational Video Compilation 2020

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Chase Your Dreams! This is our new Compilation of the Best Motivational Speech Videos for Success in 2020!
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Thanks for watching and I hope you guys get motivated!

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Mat Wilson

Les Brown

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Nathan Harmon

Kevin Cullum

William Hollis

Martin Luther King

Denzel Washington

Gary Vaynerchuk

Eddie Pinero
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Jeremy Anderson

Keshav Bhatt
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I Will Make It – Nathan Harmon

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Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat – Motivation2Study

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  1. It's nice listening to this as a kick start, but sometimes I find it too extroverted, and pretentious. Wouldn't recommend it for people looking for in-depth self improvement, or fighting difficult life circumstances that require more than a pre-workout out mantra.

  2. He said, "what if things don't work out the way they're supposed to?" They may not work out exactly as I think they will, but they most assuredly are going to work out how they're supposed to. That's a fact. I believe in fate. Nothing but fate. You or anyone else wants free will, that's great. Me, if I had free will, I would've fucked this whole thing up years ago. I know that God put me here to change the world and one way or another, I will not stop even when I get there. I'm talkin I want to change BILLIONS of lives. I want people in tribes who have never seen anything modern to know my name. By believing in fate, that means that everything happens EXACTLY as it's supposed to. No matter what choice I think I'm making, it's the only choice I could make. By believing in fate, I give all credit for everything great in my life to God, and I take all the blame for anything wrong I may have done. Thing is though, all things work together when you believe in fate. Every single detail was supposed to go exactly like it did and couldn't have went any other way. If even the smallest detail were tweaked even in the slightest, it would've created a butterfly effect that would have me really off course by now. I had a list of regrets 10 miles long my whole life and I would've changed countless things in the past especially when it came to dating. I went through 6 years of bullshit a while back and even though it didn't make me feel better at the time, I knew it was all for a reason. Finally after 6 years, I stopped trying to force life and stopped trying to force my fate to happen and just finally let go. I used to live that way for years, but somehow I just forgot how to let go. Once I did and gave it all to God and started working on my mind 4 years ago, my life changed that day. It was July 4th 2016. Over the last 4 years I have never been happier in my life and I've had some amazing years in my life. This year has been the best year of my life by far. I havebfmhad a euphoric feeling in my gut most of this year. It hasn't went unrest either. Lost my Grandpa 2 months ago, and 2 months ago I walked away from the girl I thought I was meant to be with forever. Neither of those events made the euphoric feeling waver. The girls, I don't care about walking away from her. She was beautiful and cool, but my gut told me I can have her, or my fate, but not both. I unanimously chose fate. I didn't know it was possible to feel this good. I still have 3.5 months to go and next year is going to be even better. My gut is telling me something huge and life changing is coming by the end of the year. It also tells me what that is, but I don't want to discuss it, but it's going to be great. Sometime in December. Don't ask me how I can read my gut that well, but once I realized the reason my gut is never wrong is because that's God's way of guiding me through life. God has shown me I can read my gut to the letter. I even picked a couple specific days out of it that were spot on, it's wild. Now when I look back at all those regrets especially a few girls that I knew liked me, and I liked them a lot, but I never acted on it. I couldn't understand why for years. I'm certainly not shy, I'm not intimidated by females but I just walked away a few times. Looking back, it was because my gut told me to walk away. Knowing this has changed my life. I no longer have a single regret about anything whatsoever, period anymore. After seeing how well my life has been orchestrated so far, I'd be a damn fool to worry about the present or the future. I wouldn't change one thing about my life, past, present and future. Life is fucking amazing and every single day is a new adventure that I can't wait to get underway. I know exactly why everything that ever happened to me did so. Work in your perspective, work on removing negativity from your mouth and your mind and work on replacing that with positivity. It will change your life like you can't imagine. My brain automatically defaults to positive. It took some time reconditioning my mind to do so, but it's very possible. I couldn't go back to seeing life through a negative filter ever again. I forget what it's like to worry. I forget what it feels like to be miserable as fuck all the time. These videos are right. God had me start working on my mind for about 2 years before I found any of these videos so I learned it in my own and then find video after video further validating what I already know. Change your mindset and perspective and find anything and everything you're thankful for and you're life will never be the same. Even if you don't want to be famous or super rich, that mindset will help you endure anything that comes your way. I understand loosing a child can be fucking ridiculous hard, but the vast majority of things you'll do just fine. Trust me. Every single day find one new thing to be thankful about too.

  3. to whoever is reading this, make your dreams come true. don’t waste any more moments. my dream is to become a youtuber, so i hope you can subscribe to my channel❤️

  4. The number one thing is believing You must believe and know that you will have or do or be what you want to do or have or be and it will be that imagine it in your imagining as if it has already happened See yourself there already as if it has already beenYou must imagine every single facet of every single part of every single bit of it as if it has already happened Feel the feelings of it Smell what it smells likeWhat would it feel like if it has already happened What would that feeling feel like Feel that know that

  5. I watch this when i still didnt reach my dream

    Ive always wabted to know how lucid dreams work and i always wanted to have a lucid dream. It seems stupid and all. But if u knew the reason WHY u wouldnt think its stupid.
    I have lots of other dreams. :*

  6. Stop doing start doing
    Love ur self
    Love life
    Love ur family
    Love anything
    Love is the one key to change the world
    Stan Lee – There is only one who is all powerful, and his greatest weapon is love

  7. I realized I had spent part of my life working on jobs related to what I studied, and I studied it just to follow other's definitions of success. I worked on my dream and studied to become a personal trainer… I am working as personal trainer now, and to know I am helping others through what I love is so uplifting… I feel like never before

  8. To All Dream Chaserd: Follow your Road. Keep going after your Dream, even if no one believes in you. Believe in yourself and do what is needed to make your Dream come true. may all your Dreams come true.

  9. I saw this with a headache and tiredness, a burnout truly, after watching, I picked my miserable self up and got to work, and can't get any tiredness or headache trow my passion away, been working the past 11 hours with a smile just came here to update

  10. My dream is to be an actress and a year ago today I was nothing but now I’m in acting classes and I’m a play for December coming. I will keep chasing my dream and won’t look back❤️

  11. Naturally God bless him .
    We believe in nature God so
    Naturally if we grow then he will get back from lunch after that how we r not
    Unsocialized human being