Charles Bukowski – Go All The Way (Morning Motivation) – MasteryTV

Charles Bukowski – Go All The Way (Morning Motivation) – MasteryTV

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  1. Poems are Roll the Dice by Charles Bukowski, The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski, and Do not go Gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas

  2. When you really want something. Close you’re eyes before you start your journey, visualize yourself completing that journey and what that will mean. How will you feel? the people around you? What will they say? Once you can visualize yourself completing the journey, you’re already half way there. Then you go for it with 100% of your effort and don’t quit until you get there. You’ve got this.

  3. Since the actual Bukowski poems aren't cited, and a Kipling, and Dylan Thomas poem too, let me list them for those who may want to read the actual poems. These are the ones I heard distinctly when skipping through.

    Charles Bukowski:
    The Laughing Heart
    No Leaders, Please
    The Genius of the Crowd
    Go All the Way

    Rudyard Kipling:

    Dylan Thomas:
    Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night

  4. I love my female coworker with all my heart but now one of my other coworkers that is a realy close friend to her told me that she dosent want a coworker relationship maby cause she is so scared that if a relationship dosent work out then she must se me everyday. I also know that she has complained about others who makes her feel bad cause they are so much into her i asked if i have got any complaines cause then i must say sorry when i asked her friend after she told my no i have not got any complaines i just want her to feel like she is the perfect girl i only want the best for her in her wonderful life. But i realy want this to work she is the best person i have met in my life so we can maybe work it out maybe i can start working in another apartment then. her friend told me this when i just sat still and she asked me whats wrong cause i also was a bit angry i said cause she is not here cause she makes me feel so special then she said it i said please dont tell her this she said yes she want tell it was nice that i had feelings for her anyway. But im gonna cheer her on give her lots of compliments and eventually confess my true feelings for her maybe then she will say yes and understand that im not like those other coworkers that did her wrong then realize that she actually can have a great chance with me even if im terrified about what my coworkers and my boss thinks about it this is strong unexpected love so i will fight for it.😢❤️

  5. Im 28 in October, ill be "too old" to get signed by a label in 2 years. And im pretty much starting my fanbase again at 0. The way I calculate it, I'll probably be 32-34 before i reach any decent sized fanbase but my dream was always to get signed and do something big in music even if i dont do it for a living. At least i did some dope shows, performed at some big places and can look back at that while working a regular job. Idk if im actually too old or if im not, it has me really depressed too tbh. I want to accomplish something in music and this "go all the way" thing sounds great and is true but what happens when age gets in the way. Or am I just limiting myself. Any advice is welcome

  6. Why do people think that they can improve Bukowski by slapping music over an overdramatised reader? It's ruined.
    Just read it like his flat delivery as he meant it to be heard.

  7. It's really funny: the mediocre, average man and woman whose vacuous head, so bereft of an original thought, are the very people who profess to be so affected by poems like this.
    Like Hank warned, avoid these people.

  8. I hate the idiot who first uploaded someone besides Bukowski himself reading any of his original prose and poetry. Seriously, screw them.🖕
    This guy is reading for a paycheck, not from the heart, like Buk.

  9. A co-worker asked me if I watched the Trump ,Biden debate. I said no, I played Xbox got tired then read some poetry from Bukowskis Love is a dog from hell laughed and slept like a baby .That America's next ringleader sounded like a nightmare!