Champions for the Disabled – Trailer – MasteryTV –

Champions for the Disabled – Trailer – MasteryTV –

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When you spell out disabled D-I-S-A-B-L-E-D, and you put GO in front of that, it spells GOD IS ABLED. Even when God does not make sense, He says, “Trust Me.”

— Learn more about how to become a Christian.

Learn more about how to become a Christian.

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  1. Nick. Less than 24 hours ago I came to know that Helena (my almost 2 years old baby) has a rare neurodegenerative disease with no human cure. Doctors don't know if she could deteriorate rapidly and leave us soon or live a long deterioration process of up to 10 years 🙁
    My husband and I remembered how you blossomed despite human limitations. I particularly keep wandering how your mother was able to be such a wonderful support for you and not be devastated. We are from Chile. I went to hear one your talks and somehow that and your life testimony is becoming a tool to help us during this dark season. Thank you mate.

  2. God bless you Nick.
    I have really seen in you the power and love of God.
    Indeed sometimes we suggest to God plan B but I now know God has a good plan for each one of us.
    Iam encouraged to trust God more.

  3. I hope Nick understands HE ALREADY GOT ARMS and LEGS, many and much better than many people…Thank you God on Nick, and his Team and his wife that we women are proud of her!