Can't stick to a budget? Try these tweaks instead | Your Money and Your Mind

Can't stick to a budget? Try these tweaks instead | Your Money and Your Mind

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Budgeting is the best way to get your spending under control, right? Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa says there are actually better ways to limit your purchases — and get more satisfaction from them.

Managing your money can feel scary and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this TED series, behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa explains why we spend too much and save too little — and shares easy steps to help us achieve a more secure financial future.

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  1. Was this made before the pandemic? Eating out is not a social activity now. I haven't eaten outside my house in a year. I have only gotten take-out from restaurants 3 times in the past 11 months and I ate it at home alone.

  2. Ordering my groceries from Walmart and picking them up has been an absolute game changer. I am able to stick to $100/week budget because all those temptations you normally get walking through the store aren’t there. Not only is it saving me lots of money but it’s keeping my family healthy.

  3. Managing your budget becomes harder if you live in an expensive country like Australia where I lived. I try to limit to $25 to spend on grocery shopping but it's hard since the cheaper options are unhealthy and mostly expired, so I try to cut my other expenses to save money like watching Netflix and replace it with piracy using U-Torrent to download shared movie files.

  4. 🤔Do you not think you deserve to be helped?
    🤔Do you feel you need to have all the answers and figure it out yourself?
    🤔Do you trust yourself more than a professional to handle your Financials?

    Were you the first child in your family that had to take care of everyone?

    Our money trauma(s) cause us to self sabotage our future success.

    I'm here to help ease that burden and help you carry the load of starting your business on solid financial ground for the long term.

  5. I have spent so much money with Uber Eats and Doordash. It is completely ridiculous. I had to uninstall the apps, and even put a block in my checking account for uber eats (the woes of being fat lol)