Can You Manifest from a State of Ego? | Eckhart Tolle

Can You Manifest from a State of Ego? | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart explains that it is indeed possible to manifest while engaging in egoic thinking, but the material results of these achievements won’t bring long-term satisfaction to your life. Truly enduring manifestation in the realm of form arises from Presence. With all this said, Eckhart also emphasizes that understanding how material achievement is unfulfilling is a major step toward realizing Presence. “One of the most useful things in life is mistakes,” states Eckhart. “Make as many as possible, and then you will learn what your path is.”

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  1. Eckhart asserts that even though humanity as a whole still clings to egoic thought (and all the pain it entails), we are also in the midst of a great awakening of consciousness. In what ways do you see this New Earth coming into being? How can you help bring Presence to more and more people?

  2. I am definitely a frequency holder, a contemplative. So I'm unbalanced and I've always known it, and I don't mind, it's nice to know I fulfil a purpose though it's not physical.

  3. Master i submit for your conideration free will just: you become just when you set your free equal to the all: be polite: go equal: noW: a bit of wisdom from who's who who is

  4. I find it so hard to function in society anymore and it's hard for me to adjust. I am trusting myself now and letting all the things to come to me 🙏🏻💜 Thank you so much

  5. The difference between a kangaroo and a terrorist is imaginary. When you realise that's an imaginary difference then you can love the kangaroo 🦘 and the terrorist 💥 identically

  6. Manifestation can be an incredible test that can enhance your spirituality because the challenges along the way can test your ability to stay present amongst the challenges. But we cannot rely on the end result
    "The way to create a great future is to create a great present." -Eckhart tolle

  7. Manifesting is a curious thing and I dont think most people trying to manifest will actually succeed. Often you will get what you need in the form of a challenge, rather than what you want. When you are present enough, things will often manifest when you least expected it and often as a sign that you are on the right path.

  8. I am reminded by how little ambition I have experienced for decades by Tolle's stories/examples. I've not known how or what to do for a very long time. I'm editing to note I'm not developed in being either. Hope to improve, learn.

  9. I’m struggling so much understanding this one concept of manifestation and it’s driving me crazy😭 if we are so attached to the outcome, we are then manifesting from this place of ego.

    So instead when we manifest, we want to come from a place of radical trust and surrender.

    So say we really want to be with a specific person. How can we manifest being with them without coming from a place of ego?

    How can we manifest having an abundance of money without coming from a place of ego?

    It seems like every desire comes from a place of ego. If I say, “money flows to be abundantly” isn’t that being attached to an outcome?? I’m soooo confused by all of this so much.

    And this concept of “living in the end” isn’t that also coming from a place of being attached to the outcome?

    I’m soooooo confused. Do you have an explanation for this? I’m so desperate for some kind of direction.