Can We Transmit Stillness Through Technology?

Can We Transmit Stillness Through Technology?

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  1. How lovely.  This is how I do conduct my phone calls, with some sort of conversation in the lull.  Most people are so happy to share what is going on in their day, as they know they are being acknowledged as a real human being.  It can also diffuse any awkward or hostile feelings that may be coming to surface.  Good reminder to keep you in the present.  My mother taught me this as practicing "courtesy".

  2. As a telephone operator for large number of medical offices and on the receiving end of irrate callers I wish that everone could watch this and be present when calling. This is also very helpful for me as well to remember to be present for every call I receive and give them my full attention. Thank you Eckhart for reminding me of this. Namaste

  3. Ekhart the Supreme Being has prepared You for this Time. This Information – Messages from the Supreme Self are boundlessly valuable to humanity. Thank you to the Most High in You and through You.

    Ekhart Najwyższa Istota przygotowała Ciebie na ten Czas . Te Informacje – Przekazy od Najwyższej Jaźni są bezgranicznie wartościowe dla Ludzkości . Dziękuję Najwyższemu w Tobie i przez Ciebie .

    Proszę niech Ktoś podejmie tłumaczenie Ekharta lub napisy po Polsku . Translator internetowy nie daje pełnego poprawnego tłumaczenia i zrozumienia . Dziękuję i Błogosławię Każdego … .

  4. The ringing phone is seldom more important than the moment you are in at present unless you are a telecommunications technician ☎️ Perhaps an innovator can create a ringtone that is Silence.