Brian Tracy on How To Overcome Fear or Failure

Brian Tracy on How To Overcome Fear or Failure

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Brian Tracy talks about what makes you fear the failure and how to overcome that fear effectively.
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  1. you can try learning martial arts, the fear will never go away but you'll have a lot more confidence, you won't even notice but you'll become braver because you'll increase control over your body and you shall practice with people from all ages… it's automatic, once you fight someone stronger than you, fear becomes smaller and smaller

  2. @N0NameN00BN3

    You wont get jumped if you come/show up with the right attitude and confront them right. Its all about how you perceive yourself in different situations.

  3. NoName has a good point about fears. Walking on the wrong side of the street in the projects… etc. Learning to not press your hand square in the middle of a hot frying pan full of oil… Thanks for the obvious. This is not what the video is talking about. You obviously live in a box, and fear putting your real name or any name besides "noname" to your comments. You ever think about opportunities you may miss by crossing over the street and skipping the "projects". Create your serendipity I say

  4. Thank You Sir for this Wonderful Video

    Brian Tracy is the Best motivation.

    Using these Videos and an iPhone app called "no fear" by hanumappa I have managed to remove 3 of my major fears.

    I like life is all about having options or plan-B's and if we have that, then there will never be fears.

    Thanks a lot for your motivation

  5. Oh hello! Very awesome video, Have you considered – Mintumby Minisite Mint Pro (google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my auntie got great results with it.