Boot Camp Jobs and Advice

Boot Camp Jobs and Advice

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Boot Camp Jobs and Advice
Let me share with you three main jobs in boot camp and my advice to you.
Number 1. When you are the RCPO, aka RPOC, you are responsible for the whole division. Anything they do you are the face of what they do. This is a great role to build you leadership skill very early on. My advice to you is this. Learn and move forward all ways and always.
Number 2. AROC. AROC sings cadence for the division during formation. By far one of the most enjoyable jobs if you are confident. My advice to you is practice now. Watch youtube videos on cadence and try them yourself.
Number 3. Master – at- Arms. MA. Do not mistake this for the rate, for law enforcement haha. The role of MA during boot camp is making sure the Head PO, Laundry PO, Forward hold PO and other minor roles are in check. Making sure they are squared away. My advice is to keep good relationships with EVERYONE. You never know who is going to take what leadership role.

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