Bestselling philosopher Ryan Holiday on conquering your fears

Bestselling philosopher Ryan Holiday on conquering your fears

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  1. When fear makes people hesitant to take risks in their life, bravery outweighs people's fear and give them the courage to go for risks and achieve things in life. Bravery is necessary to lead an eventful life because fear is inescapable, and only your braveness can conquer the fear in you.???

  2. There is a difference between ignorance because we cannot find the truth and ignorance because we do not seek the truth. Blindly following the media and the establishment is not bravery. The anti-vaccines do the right thing according to what they believe: this stuff do not protect others and suppress their immune system and cause the appearance of new variants. pro vaccine have another opinion. they both have an opinion based on what said the experts. courage is defending one's opinions AND seeking the truth. AND seeking the truth!!
    There is no braveness in not searching the truth and true experts

  3. Phenomenal person reading this, surround yourself with people who are better and wealthier! Keeps you humble, teachable, and hungry. You become those with whom you surround yourself with! Birds of a feather flock together! You got this! ?
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️

  4. Vishen, I'm so disappointed with what you said about the V. I can't stop thinking about it for two hours.
    It's spiritual warfare and I thought you were awake. Speak to those who do not want to be vaccinated, you will learn thé truth, the testimonials of doctors on the value of these stats. I work in hospitals, I know the truth.
    Moreover according to an MIT study, it is the most educated and the most intelligent (not necessarily the same) who are against V. Another American university came to the same conclusion. it is not difficult to find the truth but faceB and Y censor us. We cannot even share any link on scientific studies or interview with independent researchers. Even the Nobel Prize winner for medicine Montagné and Pr. Raoult are censored!. I know they are French but there are also Americans. Start by following Russel Brandt AT least. Look at the stats. Find out what the inventor of the PCR test says about the effectiveness of his own invention which is confirmed by the CDC itself. Talk to those you refuse V, they will teach you everything you don't know and the sources are true independent Researcher and Nobel Prize winners.

  5. Courage can also be saying no to putting something in your body that you don’t feel is right even though everyone around you tries to make you feel stupid or selfish. Courage is knowing in your heart what is right for you and doing it regardless of how others may judge you. I will do what I think is right regardless. That is courage. ?

  6. But the overlooked issue with vaccines is that it's not been tested according to scientific standards and it purely profit-driven else it'd be open-sourced already. What if side-effects show up a few years down the road as was the case with the swine flu vaccine?

  7. Lovely talk about Ryan's accomplishment. I will have to look into this book eventually. Great topic "Courage."
    Reminds me of Courage=Selfless=Sacrifice=Love ?
    The work or content we share with others; Is our story but it's love that's shared to shape, mold, create, move, nudge or simply evolve another being into their being! Did we make a DIFFERENCE? Yes! Exactly, that's what it's about! If we have done that and brought many wonderful beings along that chain affect then we have done JUSTICE in our community or network!?

  8. Vishen Lakhiani – Well done for yourself and helping so many start their journey of excellence.
    Your interviews are more of lectures than interview. Allow people you invite to talk. Idea is to learn from them. Dont be so eager to make long statements.
    Ask open ended questions, encourage them to talk.

    Anything more than 8-10 words is not a question its more of a lecture.

    Positive advice brotherman, you are a great learned man yourself. 🙂

    Ryan is a very cool writer, I haver read many of his books.Very well researched and there are so few such well researched books on the market. His mentor wrote the much celebrated, '48 rules of power'- Robert Green, is another great writer. Robert's books are more of research with a lot of stories of the bygone era. Ryan's writing are more conversational than research. But Greene has done an excellent job of creating such good writer such as Ryan.