BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Powerful Motivational Video

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Powerful Motivational Video

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“What you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.”

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  1. I believe in myself not in spirituality and religious aspects just believe in what you need because spirituality and religious beliefs can restrict to make it in those limited mindset and criteria which they assume

  2. I dont ever believe in myself. IM A FAILURE. i always have bad grades my mom always get mad at me and compares me to my other classmates that have high grades. I wish im them i wish im intelligent

  3. I love this topic on believing in yourself I thought I could not stop drinking alcohol but after 22 years of drinking I am alcohol free for 1 year and 2 month 5/6/2021 I never felt better anything is possible you just got to believe in yourself thanks again for sharing this youtube ??

  4. Today i have an interview for student council member, i got selected but now i have to give an interview i am really scared and doubt myself that i may not be able to do it, i just think i am not capable of it and soooo many people believe in me except myself

  5. My family is my biggest enemy in business. They DO NOT BELIEVE IN ME! My vision, my reason to get up every morning. Can't see any other way than just proving them wrong. I will get back to this comment Oct 8 2022 and see how far I have come. Let's see if I still have a family till then..
    I'm hurt AF right now at this moment.. God bless y'all

  6. This is true I'm in so much pressure because I need to pass my exams and I keep in mind that I need to do good and make my parents proud. Thanks this .made me realize that I can and will try my best.

  7. I needed to hear this! Job hunting right now and have to believe in my abilities!! Thank you for helping me believe that I got this!!!

  8. Just a little reminder ?
    Believe in yourself ✨
    Don’t forget who you are and what you capable of ✨
    Don’t estimate yourself ✨
    Stay strong ✨
    and it is okey if je fail and show emotions that makes us humans
    Don’t tell the world what your next goal is ✨