BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR | Gary Vaynerchuk With Larry King 2016

BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR | Gary Vaynerchuk With Larry King 2016

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  1. Trade with an expert else you will lose all your capital and you will drop off the market
    The importance of professional mentorship of an expert should be the first step of trading.

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  3. Crypto currency is gradually moving towards something big and the price surge over the past few months is just the beginning of greater things to come. you got any advice for someone that is fresh to crypto. Don't know where to start..

  4. Looking at this in 2022 the fact that Gary knew the trend in demand of Tiktiok and virtual reality, tells us we should pay very close attention to what he has to say period.

  5. This is just crazy.. Can't believe it… Gary talked about subjects that has everything to do with Elon, buying Tiwtter yesterday (aphril 2022).. Gary is unique with his point of view and communications skills .. I'm huge fan dude, you rock, keep hustling as shit..

  6. 6 Year's Back From Now this Guy is Talking about Msuically (TIKTOK) 14:51 So CONFIDANTLY And strongly Predicting its outcome in upcoming Years Really Makes MY Respect Sky Rocket for him and it Should do the Same for You as Well.

  7. 'Civilisation' is on trial..

    If 'civilisation' is genuine, it should have the capacity to accept a polite 'No, thank you!', when it attempts to infect other forms of being with its pretentiousness. For it can only BE this pretentiousness that fails to offer a civilised option.
    It is as if the 'powers'-that-think-they-should-always-be are giving no option at all, other than "Do as we tell you, or we will turn you into the next 'missing link'.." – And a 'civilisation' built on fear and violence is no kind of 'civilisation' at all..

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  9. I couldn’t get into musically at the time which is now TikTok .. I’m still not feeling it 😭 but GaryVee knew how major that platform would be and now look where we are. Even his mentions about virtual reality is on point ✔️