behind every strong person is a story that gave them no choice…

behind every strong person is a story that gave them no choice…

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  1. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

  2. Indeed this is very true. I could think about things like this for hours. This is literally the reason why we should all be kind to one another. These stories are so meaningful and touching. Thank you for putting these out

  3. I'm 29 years old and left my job and went on my own. Was it hard? YES, but i did it anyway. I chose "better" for myself. I knew that i have to do something, despite what others think of me. Had to deal with energy vampires, yeah, that stuff is real and because of my history of psychedelics(idc and not afraid to say it) this feeling hits different, much deeper.
    This mentality was keeping me back from my full potential. It has been one month now, i'm doing my best with all the worry shit in my head and as days pass by it's getting easier and easier because i put focus on myself. I'm willing to change my old habits that don't serve, i started working more seriously, but right now i'm getting my shoulder in order due to muscle knots i've got because of my old ways of being. For conversation sake i'm using words like "from day to day" or time heals everything, yadadada, but honestly i don't look at time anymore. Just important stuff, like appointments, etc…
    As master oogway said in kungfu panda. Yesterday is history, tommorow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why it's called present.
    This is realest shit that hit me hard. More you do you, and go back and read it, more it hits. Deeper and deeper. Emotinally, especially when your reflect upon your whole life.
    But hey, don't judge it, what you were was neccesary to be where you are now.
    Keep in mind that you are exactly where you need to be and every moment you have is a choice to change something, to be better version of yourself.
    But along the way i've started to think about happiness. Well, honestly, i agree with, be happy but if you look deeper and break it down i would prefer to say, be happier and happier.
    Why? From simple psychology standpoint, if you are happy already, can you be more happy if something different occurs? Happy isn't some sort of scale from 1-10 where you upgrade it. It's a mix of everything deep within yourself. Best way to know where you at is to listen to your feelings. They will tell you where you are and based on those feelings your emotions will corespont in similar way. Imagine that you have suicidal thoughts or something in this direction, ask yourself why? what should you be doing to get out of it?
    Be different, step out of comfort zone. Anything you do at first will feel hard, well ofc there are things that feel more natural to you, but you have to find them. How?
    Observe other people, who are much better at it and see how you feel. If it's that good, happier vibe, bliss, maybe you should try it.
    When you get in that blissful moment, stay in it, upgrade it little by little. This way you'll create new habits. Sometimes it's ok to check out your childhood, what you did then and felt so good you wouldn't trade it for anything in that moment. T
    Will you have doubts sometimes? YES, but don't worry about it. Worry, selfdoubt and fear is a dream killer. Learn to embrace it if one way doesn't work. Find another. Tweak. You are more than capable.
    Another thing, get in touch with your body, listen to it's needs, your persona, human character, aka ego, is closely connected with it and better you take care of it, easier some changes will come, because of different beliefs deep within you that you created along the way.
    What you think you are is merely a surface of what you really are. Go within and start digging better version of yourself. These small changes will bring more confidence in what you are doing.
    Stop giving a fuck about what others think of you, ignore and avoid naysayers. How many times people said it can't be done, despite being done many many times.
    This is merely projection of their own fears onto others because of who they are. Not who you are. Only you know who you are and what you can be.
    Be around people who support and uplift each other and talk about real stuff. Honestly, i don't give a fk about what "x" person did then and there, why should i even care.
    I'm plenty busy with myself and what i do alone and with my circle of people. Ain't got time to talk about others. It's a waste of time.
    Remember, everything is energy just percieved differently. Use it wisely or in other words, be mindful about everything you are, you say, you think of.
    Think and speak of yourself and others in positive, good way, because what you say vibrates trough entire universe. You are everything from birth to this moment, every thought, every decision, word, doubt,… everything till now shaped your life that you are living in this moment.
    And please understand this, motivation is external force, it's one way to deal with your mental blocks, but it will only get you so far,… It's like someone else believing in you when you alone can't. But hey, no one can change you, that's your job and only you can be you.
    Discipline is internal, you have to nurture it, grow it. Just like muscle, working out and creating microfractures which heal and becomes bigger.
    Word of advice, anything you do, do it with curiousity, 100% commitment, be passionate about it. Don't try to distract yourself.
    Example: kids in school failing test because of their own mentality, words,… if you think and say you will fail at exam, in 90% you will.
    That's how law of attraction works, you get what you are, which includes what you say and what you think.
    Everything starts with simple thought, either towards success or failure. 0 or 1. You are the one who chooses what it's gonna be. ONLY YOU.
    I'll stop here, but i feel like i should add that i was thinking about suicide two times. It's addicting. Especially when you don't see your way out.
    Becomes a tunnel vision.
    I've hit my worst and by experiencing it, i know how it feels, that's why i choose to strive toward greatness now. This change also feels very addictive, in a good, positive way.
    I want to prove to myself that i can become someone i never thought i could be, if other people notice it, that's great, i'm more than happy to share it.
    (i'm not native english person, so please be kind if i made a mistake or two 😀 )
    My two cents.

  4. My first 13 years of my life my mum said all the time day an night god is coming i said i want a good job she said god is coming dont worry about this world for god is coming like a theif in the night.i was so negertive towards life& school wen i got to 18 i said mum wat shall i do ? She said go and find work 😂i dont like my mum very much

  5. Hi,please accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour with your mouth and believe he died and rose again in your heart,forget about swearing,over eating,lying,selfish ambitions,lust,movies,video games,hate,gossip,secular music,drugs,smoking,drinking,love of money qnd stuff,pride,idolatry, and all that kind of stuff,dedicate yourself to God fully,obey Him and trust in him and Jesus

  6. I think any successful person has success because there’s a secret part of them that believed they, as they were, was never going to be enough. So any hardworking, conscientious, diligent successor is only a product of their own feelings of inadequacy and them deciding they wanted to live. I firmly believe that.

  7. We all need dreams. Even if we support others in theirs.
    Always dream big, think big… with all you have.
    Everyone's journey here is connected to others…..
    But you have to be you and give you…….because you were created with purpose.
    What you brought with you….matters. It matters so very much. All we do, everything the good, the bad, the next things, brings our purpose to this journey.
    And meaning to life. Be you………..
    Stay strong…be blessed!

  8. Kinda hard when shit headed red tape hender my movement forward that I must be approved to build my hopes and dream by a slug homer Simpson type of mindsets. 😒 America becoming Egypt. Full of Communist adopted laws like brainless cattle do before entering a slaughter house.