“Become A REAL MAN Before It's Too Late…” — Jordan Peterson

“Become A REAL MAN Before It's Too Late…” — Jordan Peterson

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Professor Jordan Peterson on why you need to become a REAL MAN before it’s too late.

Watch the video until the end for a mind-blowing tip by Professor and Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson!

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Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, author, and a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. Jordan Peterson began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative. Jordan Peterson’s life advices will leave you speechless when taken seriously. We hope this motivation from Jordan Peterson will help you in your life.
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  1. Ben Shapiro isn't a man.
    Jordan Peterson can't fight an average drunk.
    But Peterson is still right in terms of slaying dragons and going into dungeons to find that treasure.

  2. Don't have children to give your life "meaning" or just because Peterson says so.
    We already have more than enough humans on the planet already, thanks.

  3. He calls "why have children?" a stupid question, but his answer "what else are you going to do?" is even more stupid. Having children may satisfy us (that's how we've evolved) but there is zero rational reason to create a whole new life, only selfish ones. Having children because you've got nothing else to do or got nothing in your life is extremely selfish.

  4. everyone wants something else from life, ultimately. every person is build fundamentally different in ways we can hardly understand, but we are all human

  5. It's all nothing really. Everything = nothing. Everything is special = nothing is special. Its all equal. It should be called evernoth. Wanting doesn't really exist in a world unwanted. Life is not about wanting, when life itself is unwanted. You could say life creates wanting, but so what. Life creates death also, but death is just as unwanted as life. You get what you get out of life, there really is no control. You can't make yourself be a person you are not or you would just be that person instead of the one you are. Try being a person you are not and you will see it is impossible, as everything you try or do is the person you are. You will see it's the person you just are no matter what you do or don't do. It's not that we even listen to advise from others more than we know what we think we should do or shouldn't do for ourselves, because the person you are tells you who you are no matter what things you do, did, don't do, didn't do or don't do anymore. Look at life as a prison and you will see that you don't really want to be in a prison or really want what's in a prison, so for someone to ask you what would you want while living in prison, you would know the first thing is that you would not want to live in a prison, so the same things goes for life as well, just on the highest level. You have to be alive, you have no choice in that matter, mainly because there is no you to say no to it. Now that you are alive and not wanting to be, you are left with only other choices in one big nonchoice. This can be seen as a level of wanting in an unwanted world, but what's the point in calling it wanting something when life is not wanted? Choices in life only become preferences to comfort and making the best decisions to prolong comfort. Humans call it wanting comfort, but you didn't want comfort or discomfort, but you have to experience it. Life is a problem and humans consider problems something they don't like, that why problems are called problems and problems are something that humans have a desire to solve, because they are not liked. Which means humans have an instinct not to like life either and is why I think humans complain about life so much, but they have this instinct to think life is something good or programmed to think it's something good, just because it is there. It's not good or bad, but humans have there predilections for certain things and for this we all seem to agree on about what we think is good and what we think is bad and people seem to forget if there are things we think are good and things we think are bad in life, then life itself can't be one or the other. It would be like saying, life is good and people get killed in car crashes, therefore people dying in car crashes is good, that just wouldn't make sense. Not that life makes sense, but we can put things together and make sense out of what is happening and what we can observe, even if we don't know an overall sense of this matter of life. There is this thing that goes on in life, where we all think we have to teach others something and no matter what, we will always spell out what we want others to know and this is just how life goes on. It's the common thing that keeps life staying the same, as much as humans want what they tell you to make life different, it will always be this way, which means all of human life, collectively, doesn't really change. Humans sharing their thoughts and humans doing and making different decisions makes no difference to the cosmos and what these minor differences are as time goes by. We will not know what other way things cold have gone, since we will only know one history, we will know only one way things go and it just doesn't matter which way that happens to be, because we can't want it to be a way we want, because want doesn't really come into play in an unwanted life where everything and nothing are equal.

  6. And the real women are doing what in 2022? These chick's aren't giving back rubs and packing men lunch for work like the women of many years ago. 99% of women in today's society only have coochie to offer. I'm not taking you out, or paying your bills, nor showering you with gifts just for a piece of coochie. Coochie alone won't keep this guy, bring something more to the table like some brains, a well paying job, and some royalty for the king that I am.