Be Yourself – (Just Want To Be Me) – Official Music Video

Be Yourself – (Just Want To Be Me) – Official Music Video

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Be Yourself – (Just Want To Be Me) – Official Music Video

FIRST TRACK: Be Yourself Ft. Jones 2.0 & Easy Mills
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“Be yourself (Just Want To Be Me)” Ft. Oliver Free
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  1. Hi man, I just wanna say a big big thanks to Team Fearless. You guys are truly a blessing to many of us thank you.??
    We are ?praying for those who keep giving you guys thumbs down.

  2. Played this song as my introduction to my schools poetry slam last year. Didn't place, here's the poem, it's called. "Dear society"

    Society is a challenge for everybody.
    They tell us the latest new trends; that we all share with those fake friends. They shape our minds into thinking what's good and bad.
    Like you need to have big breast or those ocean blue eyes…how about that bleach blond hair?

    Your skin needs to be clear; you need to be tall.

    "Ugly" faces hide behind filters of an app. Shaping our faces into little puppies or taking that blemish away.
    They control our minds; and the minds of dirty old men behind that computer screen.
    We call each other bad words and names behind the keys of a message board.
    It just slips through the tips of our fingers constantly tapping at those letters of pain.
    Once you hit that send button, there's no turning back.
    It's already done.

    So why do we still do it?
    It has been said from generations, but yet we are those generations who bully eachother.

    So why don't you see it?

    Are we so wrapped up In our own lifes, we just let it run past us?

    How Many Suicides Does It Take To Stop This nonsense? Because losing the people you love is okay?

    The feeling of never being good enough drowns the thoughts of every living thing in this world.
    So how can we change this?

    One step is to stop meeting others expectations. If your going to sit there, and tell us that we need those ocean blues eyes and that bleach blond hair and that Perfect body in order to meet society's demands, it is you who is blind. There is true beauty found in everything.

    Whether you see it or not.

    Another step is to be yourself.
    Let your true beauty shine, breaking through your insecurities.
    Because nobody is perfect, and nobody ever will be.

    Dear society,
    You will never be perfect.

    Lol, I was pretty nervous, I was stuttering bad, and I'm sure I missed an entire line…but I said that very poem in front of an entire audience…and it makes me feel accomplished.

  3. I have a condition called MDP that only me and 9 other people have in the world. MDP is an extremely rare metabolic disorder. MDP stands for mandibular dysplasia with deafness and progeroid features. It doesn’t matter what you look on the outside it matters what is inside you. What would the world be like if everyone was the same. It would be boring. Being different is unique,being different is beautiful, being different isn’t a bad thing, being different makes me special. #justbeyou #bekind #choosekindness
    I get laughed at and picked on, I know to stay strong and stay positive. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I know to stay strong now because even though it is stormy now it never rains forever. If someone is strong enough to bring me down, I will show them I am strong enough to get back up. I was given this life because I am strong enough to live. I won’t let anyone put me down. I will keep my head held high and keep my heart strong. Everyone is different and everyone should be treated equally ❤️

  4. I’ve decided, this will be my song of the year for 2020, meaning it simultaneously acts as my song of the decade! Time to make the shift, time to embrace who I am and show the world what I’m really made of! Time to truly, authentically, Be Myself!!