Be a miracle for someone else. #nickvujicic #limblesspreacher #hope #christian #disability

Be a miracle for someone else. #nickvujicic #limblesspreacher #hope #christian #disability

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  1. I seriously could not even imagine not having arms let alone legs and arms! I think it is so amazing that you can not only live well like that (even though I know there is no choice) but you thrive amazingly well! I would have never known about you Nick if you had arms and legs. I really look up to you, you are such an inspiration. Thank you (I've said some of this before because it's true, God is using you for great things.)

  2. There are a lot of people, and animals that need help out there.
    Be a miracle for some one else !!
    Matthew 25 verse 34–40
    What ever you did to least of my brothers and sisters of mine you did for me .

  3. I have a question somehow maybe you can answer? Hopefully it's not offensive. Not mentally or emotionally but since you were born that way does it all seem natural or does it always seem like you are missing something. Which to me would seem uncomfortable.