Battle Of Your Life (Motivational Video) Ft. Jones 2.0

Battle Of Your Life (Motivational Video) Ft. Jones 2.0

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  1. I saved two videos and stopped looking and started Working. Words are important not the person. Team, Focus on the stuff by giving more rational examples instead of Voice. Don't mind…Its personal opinion..

  2. Sometimes you don't know what to fight for. Sometimes you wake up only to work all day to pay bills and look forward to getting back in bed. This is because we are not in control and we are lost. For some, the real battle is to find yourself and fight for something or someone who's worth it.

  3. everyone no this life isn't the challenge you are ur stop and take a break dont stop keep going if u say I well run on water one day dont say one day say now I well complete this and if u fail and tired say nope its just the devil saying ur too weak say no I well complete this I well waste all my time to reach my goal just no ir fearless to everything

  4. I use these every day in my Army JROTC classes in high school. I am specifically using this one on my Raider Challenge team in that we have been preparing all year for this event this weekend and they are calling for 47* and 70% chance of rain. Perfect for this competition.