Awakening through Loss | Eckhart Tolle

Awakening through Loss | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart discusses how the cultivation of present-moment awareness and the acceptance of the nature of impermanence can …

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  1. What was he saying about his foundation preparing people for the end of life? He seem to be against long life? is he helping with with euthanasia heaven forbid?

  2. This is how my 2nd awakening started I lost one of my close friends. Was so confused and angry and so sad . Then I discovered spirituality and everything that I know now . Everytime I feel like I’m mentally unstable and suffering I always wake up again and grow mentally .

  3. 0:00

    "… when the ego weeps for what it has lost, the spirit rejoices for what it has found …"

    Did you find this bs out yourself, or you just read it somewhere ?
    I can assure you, that my ego is way over weeping,
    it cries, screams and rumbles,
    but my spirit
    rejoices for nothing.
    How can that be, master ?
    Are you a lunatic or are you a [email protected] ?

  4. One thing what i hate about gurus is when they say: you cant loose anything when u never had anything in the first place.
    First of all we are not babys anymore, so we have gained certain things, trust of people or money. All this is important.
    If it really wouldnt matter you could just throw away everything and live without eat and then just die on the street.
    Loss is for real. You can loose by making a mistake. You can mess it up or loose an opportunity. All this is extremly frusttrating when it happens. All u can do is say, ok i lost. I accept my loss. Not to deny it.

  5. Dear Eckhart. A few days ago I experienced a state of mind that I never had on before. It seemed like time was just a concept and somehow I felt a whole truness that was before time or any other concept. I felt that everything I can experience with words, is just an illusion, and the reality is what is before thoughts or words or concepts like time. If I have to call it somehow, I would call it: “This” 🙂 It seemed to me totally funny and absurd that all my life I did not see this until now. I was in this state for hours, walking around. I found everything very beautiful and interesting, I was looking at things like I see them for the first time. I saw another reality that I felt is always there, I just did not understand it until then. It filled me with a great feeling of stillness, like that is the only thing that is always there, and us thinking that there is anything else really is a joke.
    Since then I am looking for other people who experienced this and I hope I will be able to experience this state again. Love. Btw you look amazing! 🙂 Also, O would like to ask if this state is a state that you are always in, or sometimes less and sometimes more?

  6. Have you ever known, the STORY of a Book, to Awaken ???

    I haven't… have You ???

    The ONLY One that can awaken, is the Reader ! The human entity is the "STORY", NOT the Reader !

  7. The longer an ego weeps, the bigger it gets. I never processed loss and trauma properly and I ended up (secretly) hating the world which attracted yet more negative events. I'm now learning to let go – but it will take time because I've identified with "the pain in my past!" for so long. Thank you Eckhart for making me face DECADES of my angry/hurt ego.

  8. This will take time. A long time. Patience with one self. 💗 allowing it to process is the key, but even this will take time. Time and allowing. Much love to all those who has lost 💗

  9. So, I saw Eckhart in person a couple of times in the early 2000's and the audience was told to not talk or clap or anything similar because Eckhart doesn't allow it. Now I see this video with everyone clapping. I think it's great but was just wondering if he changed his policy?

  10. I sent this to someone that lost his son to suicide before I listened to it. It was such a horrible experience. I love you so much but it maybe could have been more sensitive to that type of loss.

  11. I have been following the teachings of Eckhart Tolle since 2013 after going through a shocking and painful divorce at 27 years-old, which shook "my world" and reality as I knew it. All of a sudden, I was alone in the US, without family and friends – I had very little emotional support and had to learn how to rebuild "my life" on my own. The loneliness and disorientation I felt were intense, Eckhart Tolle's teachings was all I had, so I leaned into it heavily, listening to it every day in my solitude and finding comfort in his voice and in the truth I sensed in his teachings. 9 years later, after a difficult journey of uncovering a lot of unconsciousness (the divorce was just the beginning) my life has transformed – I remarried a wonderful man who is kind, loving, patient and we practice spirituality and work on our unconsciousness together, I have started my dream and vision of becoming a spiritual wellbeing coach with a focus on Eckhart's teachings, and my dream of moving to Portugal is finally coming true. I don't want to focus on the "outer layer" only and don't want to give the impression that life is now perfect, we all know this is not the nature of reality. There is still unconsciousness, but more often than not I am aware of it shortly after, so I'm able to let go and not create suffering. I continue to practice presence since I know anything I experience in the world of form is temporary and will eventually dissolve – I want to be cautious not to develop strong attachments to the world of form after manifesting the life that I always wanted. I felt the truth in my bones in everything that Eckhart teaches, but to have put it to the test (how he says it himself), and to now experience and see the truth for myself has been transformational – it has deepened my presence and trust in it, and it is incredibly liberating to feel connected to source throughout normal daily life. Thank you, Eckhart.. I am infinitely and forever grateful for your teachings

  12. I ❤️ you and watch or save all you say. I don’t know if you answer personal questions? Ok, 16 years ago my back broke 🥲🥲 so I’ve lived in agony most of the time😡👎No, I don’t handle it well! Any tips please? I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked🥲 I was a sporty woman all my life, and I’m at the point now – what’s the point? Love ❤️ to you